Wang Lizhuo Breaks 100 Breast Chinese Record on Day 2 of Summer Champs

2016 Chinese Summer Nationals

  • Ganzhou, China
  • June 6th-9th, 2016
  • 50 meter (long course) pool
  • Live results

After completion of the 2nd day of the 2016 Chinese Summer National Championships, Wang Lizhuo already has a new National Record to his name in the men’s 100 meter breaststroke.

Wang swam a 59.60 in Tuesday’s final, which improved upon his own 59.64 from China’s spring nationals/Olympic Trials done in April of this year.

Lizhuo’s new record is his 3rd-straight in the event since becoming the first Chinese swimmer to break 1 minute in the race last September. That first record in September coincides with his positive doping test for the banned substance Clenbuterol that occurred in a similar time period. Lizhuo received only a warning for his positive test, as a result of the belief that Clenbuterol is rampant in the Chinese food supply.

Lizhuo’s swim was the highlight of the meet’s first half, which in total saw rather lackluster results with many of the country’s Olympians either training through, or sitting out, the meet.

Other Winners:

Day 1:

  • Zhang Heng from Guangxi won the men’s 100 fly in 53.69.
  • Lu Siyu won the women’s 200 fly in 2:11.32.
  • Li Yusen, swimming in an outside lane, won the men’s 200 free in 1:50.50.
  • Wu Yue won the women’s 100 free in 55.23 She didn’t swim this event at the Olympic Trials, but that time would have just missed the final at that meet.
  • Wang Zhou won the men’s 400 IM in 4:23.91.
  • Zhou min won the women’s 400 IM in 4:42.17.

Day 2:

  • Li Zhesi won the women’s 50 free in 25.28, with Wu Yue placing 2nd in 25.58.
  • He Yun won the women’s 200 breaststroke in 2:29.54. She was a member of last year’s team for the World Championships in the 100 breaststroke.
  • Cao Wen won the men’s 400 free in 3:53.70.
  • Qiu Yuhan won the women’s 100 free in 53.90.
  • Wang Zhou won the men’s 200 backstroke in 2:02.79, beating out his teammate Huang Jiayi (2:03.19).
  • Cheng Haihua won the women’s 100 backstroke in 1:00.97.

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tru chainz
5 years ago

Any theories as to why China seems to lag behind all the other major world powers in mens swimming? You’d think with their sheer population and doping everyone to the gills they would have produced more than just Sun Yang, as far as lasting international competitors go.

Eric Lahmy
5 years ago

If I remember the problem we have lived with East Germany and the first wave of Chinese doping, you can see one thing. Doping the girls, you can make easily a team. Doping the boys you don’t make a team. I think this is because you can more easily virilise a girl than a boy!
But sometimes, even a doping nation like GDR finds a gem. A very gifted individual. For GDR, they were two of them, Roland Matthes for the men, Kornelia Ender for the women. According to some informations I had on this time, Kornelia was not doped. She did not need that… Or perhaps she was lightly doped? Exactly, who knows. For Sun, well, he has… Read more »

Michael lou
Reply to  Eric Lahmy
5 years ago

Yes, it’s just many Americans are quick to point fingers at others for cheating, and conveniently forget their own history of cheating. Nice way to glorify oneself and tarnish others.

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