Video: Adolph Kiefer- An Olympian for Life.

I just came across this great video about Adolph Kiefer. I’m sure most of you will recognize his name, and yes, he is the founder of the Kiefer aquatics company that makes pool safety equipment, training gear, and was the manufacturer of the lane ropes used in the 2008 Olympics. Kiefer is also a former world record holder, Olympic gold medalist, and swimming pioneer who competed in over 2000 international competitions and only lost 2 races.


This guy has seen and done some amazing things, and I wish that he would write a book. It sounds as though it would be a fantastic read.

The video, by Michael Mcclure, features some awesome interviews with Kiefer and his wife, as well as some incredible footage of swimming in the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

At one point, Kiefer’s wife tells the following story: “Adolph tells the story about as a high school boy, he had been swimming very well, and he went down to the Lake Shore Athletic Club, and asked the coach, coach watched him, and finally he said to him ‘well, I’m going to time you,’ and so he timed him, and then he said ‘Adolph do it again.’ And he swam again and he said ‘you just broke the world’s record, and he sold him, he was on the team.”

Which is simply amazing. The first time he ever swims under timed conditions, and he breaks a world record. The video finishes with a Kiefer quote that we can all live by:

Never stop thinking of new things. It’s more fun to achieve. Otherwise life is dull.”

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