Update: FINA Delists Italy as Hosts of 2014 Worlds; FIN Issues Clarifications

In an update to a previous story, FINA has officially recognized Italy’s withdrawl as hosts of the 2014 World Short Course Championships. Though the governing body has not released an official statement yet, they have removed references to Cantania, Italy as the host of the meet.

Things have also gotten a bit testy over in the Federazione Italiana Nuoto over the move. They have released a clarification statement that implies that it was mostly the lack of organization by the Sicilian sports region that did the meet in, as they failed to “formalize” their committments in-line with a predetermined time table.

Essentially, the release says that the Italian federation has pulled the event away from Cantania, rather than Cantania backing out of hosting. They also state that the region had requested some €14.5 million ($19.5 million).

Read the release below, translated from Italian by Google, or click here to see the release in its orginial Italian.

ROME – The Italian Swimming Federation – to his amazement the statements made ​​by Prof. Daniel Tranchida, Councillor for Sport of the Sicilian Region, following the withdrawal of the organization in the World Swimming Championships short course held in Catania in 2014 – considers it its duty point out the following.

1) As previously announced on November 14, FIN has renounced the organization of the event solely because of failure to formalize the commitments of the Sicilian Region, despite several reminders sent by the FIN formally, also on display the Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA), without ever receiving a response.

2) The FIN reiterates that advanced the candidacy to host the World Swimming Championships in the 2014 short course on explicit and formal request the Councillor for Sport of the Sicilian Region Prof . Tranchida Daniel, with the aim of bringing in Catania a manifestation of the highest international level, preceded by a series of events that promote further rapprochement of sports and water sports in Sicily. In a letter dated December 2, 2010 the Sicilian Region, supporting the application, ensure their direct interest, and says that will take over “the integral of the organization and financing” of the event and initiatives.

3) The December 14 , over the short course swimming championships in Dubai, FINA World awards the 2014 in Catania. As agreed in the event of a successful bid of the city Mount Etna, FIN, FINA and the Sicilian Region are committed to signing the contract the organization of the 12th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) in 2014 by 28 February 2011, the date indicated by the Sicilian Region to carry out the relevant paperwork.

4) On 23 February 2011, at the Rome headquarters of the Sicilian Region, FIN agrees with the Councillor for Sport of the Sicilian Region, Prof. Daniel Tranchida, the formulation of the budget for the organization of the 12th FINA World Swimming Championship (25m) 2014 and the events to the event approach, called “Sicily Aquatic” and due in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

5) After the term for the formalization of the contract, sends FIN, signed by the President Paolo Barelli, on three dates in July 5, 2011, 8 July 2011 and September 22, 2011 the President of the Sicilian Region Hon Raffaele Lombardo, Professor Daniel Tranchida Alderman for Sport and the Mayor of Catania Sen. Raffaele Stancanelli. With the first letter of the FIN asks to receive “urgent clarification about the status of procedures in the Region of Sicily for a prompt response to FINA”, with the second letter asks the FIN “urgent signing of the contract with the FINA expired on February 28 2011 or a letter for the official formalization of the commitment previously taken “with the third letter urges the FIN” stunned inertia, an affirmative answer in relation to the commitments made ​​by the Sicilian Region. ”

At the same time a letter dated July 7, 2011, FIN and sent a copy for the Mayor of Catania Sen. Raffaele Stancanelli, the Cabinet Office – Technical Secretariat of the Presidency of the Sicilian Region office of Cabinet councilor calls for the sport to know what are the steps taken to comply with what agreed when planning the event and give a swift response to the FIN as she requested in a letter dated July 5, and thereafter, on October 13, the Cabinet Office – Technical Secretariat of the President sends letter to the office of the Sicilian Region Cabinet councilor to the sport, and copied to the FIN and the Mayor of Catania Sen. Raffaele Stancanelli, which calls for a response to the previous letter of July 7 remained still without response, given that a further delay would prejudice the maintenance of ‘ commitment to the sport that the Department of the Sicilian Region has taken with the FIN and the FINA December 2, 2010.

6) Not following up on the formal aspects necessary, warranted and agreed, the Sicilian Region has made ​​impossible the realization of the event. On 11 November, the FIN, in a letter to the President of the Sicilian Region Raffaele Lombardo, Senator and Mayor of Catania, Mr Raffaele Stancanelli, highlights the inability to tolerate and support the incredible silence on the part of the Sicilian Region, in a continuously received reminders by FINA. At the same time sends a letter to FINA which announces with great sorrow, to give 12th FINA World Swimming Championship organization (25m) 2014.

Finally, with reference to the budget formulated by the Italian Swimming Federation and shared the Councillor to the sport of the Sicilian Region Prof. Daniel Tranchida during preparation of the bid and later in the meeting of February 23, 2011, and statements in the press attributed to Prof. Daniel Tranchida that only after the renunciation of the world organization of the event, considers the excessive budget incompatible with the European funds that arrive until 2013, the FIN is to clarify that:

 – the budget prepared refers to the FINA World Swimming Championship 12th (25m) 2014 and the events of Sicily Aquatic and includes all technical and organizational requirements for a total cost of approximately EUR 14,500,000 (EUR 12,000,000 to EUR 2,500,000 and the global event for the events approach), without any voice input, such as sponsors, tickets, induced tourism, etc.. Moreover, as known to those concerned, the budget might suffer contractions up to 30% in relation to the needs and goals manifested by Local Authorities and the Region of Sicily in particular. Therefore, items of the budget would have been able to enjoy a fair review, including through the cancellation of all or part of the side events and review of land based facilities specifically requested by the Region of Sicily. With reference to the costs of the European funds that come through until 2013, these foreign matter to the powers of the Italian Swimming Federation and, of course, already known to the Region of Sicily at the time of application.

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