UPDATE Trent Grimsey Breaks English Channel WR!

Mike Lewis
by Mike Lewis 8

September 08th, 2012 News, Open Water

UPDATE.  Trent Grimsey has broken the world record for the fastest English Channel swimcrossing.   He did the swim in 6 hours and 55 minutes.


Australian national team swimmer, Trent Grimsey of Brisbane, has an open window for his English Channel crossing on Saturday September 8th at 5AM GMT.   Grimsey is well known in the open water world having recently won the 2012 FINA Grand Prix Open Water Series (all races in excess of 10K).   Grimsey is one of Australia’s top distance swimmers and has several national titles, surf lifesaving titles and has multiple podium appearances at FINA World Championship and World Cup events.    Trent has won the famed Tiburon Mile and Waikiki Roughwater swims.   What makes him such a force is his tenancious training regimen combined with an open water intelligence that comes from years of swimming in the ocean off his native Brisbane.

The current English Channel Record is held by Petar Stoychev of Bulgaria who crossed the cannel in 2007 with a time of six hours and 57 minutes.   Stoychev’s time is phenomenal and it will take and mind blowing swim to eclipse this record.   The English Channel is notorious for it’s quickly changing conditions and it has broken many great swimmers.   But if anyone at this time can do it’s Grimsey.

As Trent hits the cold waters off England this weekend, his brothers Codie and Ridge will be joining the top ranked field at the 2012 Tiburon Mile.   We’ll have all the cool news from this weekend’s open water swimming.

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Scott Spranklin
10 years ago

You’re a disgrace JG

You are not a fan, just a hater hiding behind your keyboard, you are naive and very ignorant… Your perspective is hearsay not different.

10 years ago

Well done Trent … a truly amazing accomplishment that will go down as an inspiration to many and a memory for a lifetime. It is young men (and women) like you who will take open water swimming to the next level. In your lifetime I believe you will see the Olympic Marathon Swim become the showcase of all aquatic events in the Games.
Congratulations again on this and I have only one other comment ….I always understood that the appropriate moniker for this accomplishment was “English Channel Record” …I am not sure when it became a “world record” and in my humble opinion it would be incredibly unfair to label any open water swim as a world record given… Read more »

10 years ago

Great swim, do you suppose his coach had to pay his way?

Reply to  coacherik
10 years ago

Erik – if the coach had said ‘I want to go to london for a vacay I am sure the Australian taxpayer would say . Hell yeah -give the man some dough. But I think he is not a daytripper. Or he could ask the Chinese to give him a pupil who would shadow Trent’s every stroke & transmit all training programs back home & in 2 years 770,000 Chinese will be crossing the channel per year.

Cap off to you Trent. Now can you just show those pool boys it is not the size of your head but what is in it.

Reply to  Jg
10 years ago

okay… was kind of an attempt (and a bit of a reach) in reference to this:


Reply to  coacherik
10 years ago

Erik -hehe I am sure are we are on the same wavelength just looking at things in a different perspective.

We are all of us needing to be more efficient with our personal & national wealth (or lack of ). The good times are ending.

Lets get on with being mean & lean so we will be able to defend ourselves in the wars that will surely come.

10 years ago

That is an amazing time. Congrats to Trent!

10 years ago

He better hope the currents are moving in the right direction for him…that seems like an awfully fast time. What is the second fastest time across?

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