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January 04th, 2019 Industry, News

Courtesy of Original Watermen, a SwimSwam partner.

Racing suits in competitive swimming have been the talk of the town since the turn of the century, peaking in 2009 when FINA and NCAA banned what were basically super suits, such as the LZR Racer and BlueSeventy. Back then a cloud of uncertainty overshadowed the world of competitive swimming, but shortly thereafter new tech suits were developed with cutting edge science and materials that abided to the new regulations. Still, since the emergence of the original Fastskin and evolution of racing suits, practice and pace-training suits have become an afterthought.

Most swimmers do not give a lot of consideration to the type of suit they practice in. Swimmers at all levels spend countless hours in a training suit, from pushing through a tough set in the pool to dynamic training which includes a combo of sprinting and dryland exercises. The fist choice to make is if you want to train with a brief or a jammer, which comes down to personal preference; kind of like how some guys wear boxers for underwear and others wear briefs, aka the tighty-whities.

Back in the 90’s and early-2000’s were the days where the largest drag suit and tattered suits were considered cool. Since then, we’ve shifted away from the parachute-like suits to practicing with less resistance, then adding a drag suit at select times. That’s in part due to the reported negatives of how overusing drag suits can alter stroke form and reduce stroke distance. Further, more emphasis has been placed on holding the best technique possible while practicing hard and hitting the target pace. The saying “PERFECT practice makes perfect” certainly still rings true. Whether you prefer a brief or a jammer, it’s more than “just” a practice suit. A good suit not only lasts awhile, but it’ll also make you feel good about yourself and your training. Swimming is one of those sports where if you don’t feel good about it, you’ll probably burn out soon.

Original Watermen has a jammer with 4-way stretch compression fabric which effectively creates minimal drag while comfortably staying tight to your quads and thighs. Compression also reduces fatigue by stabilizing the muscles and improving blood flow. This jammer is extra durable because it’s chlorine-resistant and designed to dry rapid fast so it won’t hold onto that old, wet stench. It’s so important to focus on what will help you in practice like technique, breath control and even rehydrating, instead of worrying about readjusting a worn-out suit. No one feels good with a soggy-bottom or worrying that hole is finally unraveling. Practice in style at your highest level – no one offers you the options like Original Watermen.

Coaches have become much more creative with the types of workouts they give swimmers by incorporating dryland during water workouts. Original Watermen’s jammer is breathable and guaranteed rash-free so you can hit your workout as hard as possible. Plus, this ensures you can do all exercises without worrying about putting yourself in a revealing position. For guys that train outdoors, these men’s jammers protect your skin with UPF 50+. Don’t hold back, you can take them out in any aquatic sport and activity.

Swimming news and photos are courtesy of Original Watermen, a SwimSwam partner.

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