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April 15th, 2019 News

If you could run faster swim meets, with less wet paper and fewer volunteers, would you make the change? Here’s how we can save you HOURS of time before, during, and after every swim meet…

What is Swimmingly?

Swimmingly is an app and software tailor-made for summer & recreational swim families. Swimmingly makes it fun and easy for swim parents to volunteer at swim meets, track their kids’ events and times, and get the heck off the pool deck faster than ever before.  It’s time for everyone to enjoy summer swimming!

Swimmingly App – Save 30-90 min. during the meet!
Most swim meets at the summer/recreational level are still run with manual stopwatches, hundreds of sheets of paper, and a computer system not designed for summer swimming. Swimmingly is specifically designed for all families of the sport and will make timing and scoring fun and easy!

Swimmingly Clubhouse – Team management portal for any new volunteer!
Antiquated team management programs are tough to learn and require trainings year after year. This makes it difficult to transfer that knowledge between volunteers and might actually keep the new volunteers from rotating in to help the team out. The Swimmingly Clubhouse was designed to make it easy for any new volunteer to learn and have fun doing so!

SwimminglyFan *NEW for 2019!* – Built for the spectators!
Parents and volunteers are the true heroes of swimming. They make the summer swimming experience possible and help kids find their love and passion for swimming! It’s now possible for our true heroes to enjoy swim meets from the pool deck, the lounge chair, or from the comfort of their own homes!

Since the Swimmingly app syncs with the SwimminglyFan app, there’s no burden of manual data-entry or burden on any volunteer. Because of this, SwimminglyFan can answer all these questions in real-time:

  1. When is my kid swimming?
  2. How’d my kid swim?
  3. What’s the score of the meet?
  4. When will this swim meet end? : )

If you are part of a swim team that doesn’t use touchpads, simply can’t afford them, or would rather not pull them out for every single swim meet…we are here to help! Swimmingly is easy to setup and fun to run. With Swimmingly, you get shorter swim meets, no paper, and no stress. That’s the Swimmingly promise!

Swimmingly proudly serves the following programs & teams:

  1. Summer Swim Leagues & Teams
  2. Country Clubs
  3. HOA Pools
  4. Parks and Rec.
  5. High School
  6. Year Round Development

No WIFI, no problem.  

Each team get’s their own Starter Kit (Risk Free Trial) that includes:

  1. WIFI System (No Internet Connection Required)
  2. Waterproof and Universal Phone Pouches
  3. Battery Packs
  4. Training

Learn more about Swimmingly HERE!

“Click here to download a Swimmingly One-Pager for your team and league!”

“I was fortunate to be able to take my Gold Medal money from the 2012 Olympics and invest it back into the sport of Swimming.”

Charlie Houchin, Olympian and CEO, on how Swimmingly was started.

Swimming news is courtesy of Swimmingly, a SwimSwam partner.


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