The Official Tokyo 2020 SwimSwam Crossword Puzzle

The SwimSwam Crossword Puzzle is back, ready to challenge your brain now that the dust has settled from the 2020 Olympic Games.

Think you know everything about what transpired, the winners and losers, as well as the ins-and-outs of the swimmers who made it to onto the podium in Tokyo? Put that knowledge to the test in this Olympics-centered crossword that includes clues that are worthy of any true swim fan.

As with our crosswords produced in the past, this one has a mix of both gimme-type clues, as well as those that will truly put your aquatic brainpower to the test. Do your best without looking up any of the answers – you can do this!

Try it out and let us know how you do in the comments. Also, don’t forget to challenge your teammates and family members to a time trial to see who can get to all-green first.

Instructions to complete online:

  • Click a cell on the crossword grid, or click a clue
  • Click twice on a cell to toggle between across and down
  • The active cell is highlighted in blue
  • Start typing in the word
  • Hit enter when you are done typing in the word
  • The word will turn green or red if you got it right or wrong
  • You can use the tab and shift-tab keys to move around the crossword and the arrow keys

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Andrew Lardieri
11 months ago

Very clever!!

11 months ago

got stuck cos most names are only last names, and suddenly Wang and Hayden are first and last names, and Zhang Yufei is first name…

11 months ago

Hints for that final oomph:
1. If you have trouble remembering his name, it’s close to 50% an owwie
2. She went 2:18 in the women’s 200 breast
3. Similar to ‘displants point’
4. NOT Sierra Schmidt, he will appear on British series Strictly Come Dancing
5. She beat the female GOAT
6. Broke the GOAT’s WR in 2019
7. Shares a last name with Regan and Kieran
8A. That other Tunisian Gold Medalist from a while ago
8D. Won the 50/100 free, bronze in the 100 fly, won a bunch of relays, shares a last name with many other Aussies (albeit various spellings)
9. This was our only counter-measure… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by iLikePsych
11 months ago

still havent figured out who greeted the aussies at home

Reply to  Mx4x50relay
11 months ago

What, not who.

Chineeese boy
11 months ago


Chineeese boy
Reply to  Chineeese boy
11 months ago

Nah I finally found it (what a legend 😂)

11 months ago

30.69 needs to be one of the clues…..

Awsi Dooger
11 months ago

31 down would have been Michael Andrew

11 months ago

Most international international swimmer who?

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