Milorad Cavic

Un Fisioterapista In Corsia: Perchè Sarà Il Tuo Migliore Amico

Il fisioterapista è una figura professionale molto importante nel nuoto. Grazie ad Enzo Iodice ne analizzeremo tutti gli aspetti

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Dressel Is First Man Since 2007 To Own Records in 100 Yard, SCM, and LCM Fly

From 2004 to 2007, Ian Crocker simultaneously owned the fastest 100 fly times in history in yards, SCM, and LCM. Now, Caeleb Dressel holds all the records.


ISL Stagione 2: Nominati 33 Allenatori Per Le 10 Squadre Partecipanti

ISL Stagione 2: scopriamo chi sono i capi allenatore e gli assistenti allenatori delle 10 squadre che parteciperanno alla seconda stagione

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Beyond the 8 Golds: Michael Phelps’ Goal Times For the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Though Michael Phelps set World Records in 4 of his 5 individual races in Beijing, he did not achieve all of the goal times he and Bowman had established.


2008 – Phelps vs Cavic; 1988 – Biondi vs Nesty

2018 marked the anniversary of two epic Olympic races in the men’s 100 fly: Anthony Nesty vs Matt Biondi in 1988, and Michael Phelps vs Milorad Cavic in 2008.


Top 10 Men’s Swimmers Who Never Won an Olympic Gold Medal

If it weren’t for Michael Phelps, would we be discussing Laszlo Cseh in the conversation as greatest male swimmer of all-time?


Semifinal Shockers: 10 Epic Swims From Semifinals That Inspired Us

Here we count down some of the greatest performances from semifinal races of the last 20-ish years. These races are just as memorable as the finals.


Michael Phelps vs Milorad Cavic 100 Butterfly 2008 Beijing

Who could forget the collective shock when Michael Phelps managed to overtake Milorad Cavic in the final meter of the race to make Olympic history?


Matteo Giunta Named Italian Coach of the Year 2019

Matteo Giunta on being named Italian coach of the year and the performance of the Aqua Centurions at the ISL European Derby in London.

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El único récord del mundo que le queda a Michael Phelps tras el Mundial

El legendario Michael Phelps conserva un solo récord mundial individual, después de perder los de 100 y 200 mariposa en Mundial de Gwangju.

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L’Ultimo Record Di Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps, il più grande nuotatore di tutti i tempi, dopo i Mondiali di Gwangju, detiene soltanto un Record del Mondo individuale

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Caeleb Dressel Ottava Prestazione All Time 100Fa-Fuori Codia E Schooling

Caeleb Dressel nelle batterie dei 100 metri farfalla nuota l’ottava prestazione all time. Esclusioni illustri Piero Codia e Joseph Schooling

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SS HYPE MACHINE: Kristof Milak Did It Once, Can He Get the 100 FL World Record?

Kristof Milak already broke the 2009 world record in the 200 fly, is he up for another Phelps fly world record?


Caeleb Dressel Fires Off 49.33 100 Butterfly Split in Mixed Medley Relay

Swimming in the final of the 400 mixed medley relay, Caeleb Dressel posted a 49.33 butterfly split to give the USA a slight lead going into freestyle.


Caeleb Dressel Cracks American Record, World Championship Record in 50 Fly

Dressel stepped up for the 50 fly semifinals, clocking in at 22.57 to break the American Record and Championship Record.