Garrett Weber-Gale

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Watch: 2017 Golden Goggles National Team Alumni Social

Watch as USA Swimming’s National Team alumni and current swimmers come together for a social at the Golden Goggles this weekend. 

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Anthony Ervin Joins Team USA For 20th World Maccabiah Games

“I am very excited to be participating in the 20th World Maccabiah Games, amongst the Jewish athletes of the world,” said Ervin.


8 Times The Fastest U.S. Swim Ever Isn’t The American Record

When is the fastest swim ever done by an American not considered the American record? There are currently 8 such swims on the books, courtesy of a unique rules anomaly.


Greatest Race Trash Talk in Olympic History: France vs. USA

Trash talking of historical proportions began a few days before the finals of the men’s 4 by 100 meter freestyle relay in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.


Garrett Weber-Gale: It’s a privilege to coach at Nitro (Video)

Garrett Weber-Gale has stepped in at Nitro in a new role for the 2008 Olympian: a coach


USA Swimming Foundation hosts Building Champions 5K Run

Road race will take place on the final day of Olympic Team Trials – Swimming.

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A Berry Smoothie Recovery

Smoothies are a fan favorite among athletes, and what’s not to love; they’re super tasty, cold, refreshing, and quench your thirst.

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Smoothies can make a good post-workout meal replacement!

Smoothies and smoothie bowls make great meal replacements, as long as you choose ingredients from each of the smoothie guide categories. This will ensure that you are getting nutrients you need.


How to Fuel Up for NCAA Championships

Garrett Weber-Gale: “When I swam at NCAA’s I competed in 14 races over three days… I was dead by the time NCAA’s was over.”

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7 Reasons to Keep a Food Journal

Keeping a food journal is one of the most beneficial things you can do to improve your nutrition, which in turn directly improves your performance.

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Garrett Weber-Gale Joins Nitro As National Team Interim Coach

Garrett Weber-Gale, two-time Olympic gold medalist, was selected as the interim coach for Nitro Swimming’s National Team.

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Why Fat is Important to Your Diet

The media can portray fat in a negative light, leading many athletes to believe that eating dietary fat will make them fat. This is far from the truth.


4 Tips for Championships Success

You want all the work you’ve put in this season to pay off at exactly the right time, the championship meets. There’s no better feeling than realizing a dream you’ve worked so hard for. Many athletes think swimming fast at the big meet is a big mystery, but it doesn’t need to be.

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After School Snacks For Swimmers

Most athletes are “starving” when they finish school. Think about what it’s like to finish school and be headed straight to swim practice for three hours…sound familiar?!


Plant Proteins equal Swimming Power

You’ve likely heard that plant proteins are not sufficient for athletes, not true! It is possible to consume all of the protein you need from non-animal sources.