SwimFast Ergometer For The Best Dryland Swim Training

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September 09th, 2021 Gear, News, Training

Courtesy of SwimFast, a SwimSwam partner

More than ever 2020 –21, the years of Covid Lockdown have taught us how to think and train laterally. Realizing that perhaps there are other paths forward, not just to survive but to thrive and improve performance. In-water swim restrictions have made the previously well-traveled paths of glorious quantities of pool work the subject of review, re-evaluation and re-examination.

Lockdown has de-facto mandated Dry-land training options to be realistically explored and considered. from why to why-not?

One option you should seriously consider then, as your heavyweight contender for dryland Swim training improvements is the SwimFast ergometer. Produced by KayakPro USA LLC – Suppliers of ergometers to 5 x Olympic Games and to NASA.

The many improvements and developments to SwimFast, has led to a vastly superior product to the previously available alternative iterations from alternate producers. It has elevated the SwimFast product into its own space. It is possible to dryland train from home, save time and to make performance and strength gains. Imagine if just 15 mins a day could make the difference.

A newly improved price point of $ 1795.00 + shipping whilst not give-away represents a lot of bang-for-your-buck!

Some stunningly innovative upgrades to the base SwimFast product increases its functionality, utility and viability. 
Upgrade Hi-Resistance bands, Full palm handles, options for Bluetooth upgrades to the on-board console it comes with, connecting to Strava to record your workouts via some refreshingly modern smart device applications, with many more innovations on the way.

In the works, soon to be completed – Think Zwift for Swim – are Bluetooth interactive HD videos via the Bluetooth console and your own smart device that lets you “swim” on SwimFast – fully data integrated to your performance on SwimFast. 
Real-time Swim Visualization and performance interactivity bringing “life” to your home training workouts.




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