Swim Moms Love Ultra Swim Shampoo For Their Swimmers

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November 05th, 2018 Gear, Industry, Lifestyle

Do you suffer from “swimmer’s hair” or “chlorine-fried hair”?  Some call it “swimmers’ straw” because the chlorinated water in pools damages hair so badly, the texture looks and feels like dry, brittle, rough straw. Whatever you call it, your hair doesn’t have to endure this type of chemical ruin.

Ultra Swim is a shampoo product, and it was made for swimmers like you. Ultra Swim gently removes harmful chlorine, and prevents damaged hair. So swim all you want, without sacrificing your hair.

Ultra Swim is the #1 branded chlorine removing shampoo on the market. Swim parents know this. Many swim moms and dads have been using and trusting Ultra Swim Shampoo to protect their hair since the 1980s.

See Ultra Swim Swim Moms Reviews:

“My house is ‘team Ultra Swim’ all-the-way. My kids are in the pool training for at least 20 hours a week. We’ve tried a lot of shampoos, but Ultra Swim is the one that gets the chlorine out of their hair every time.” – Christy T, Winnetka, Illinois

“Ultra Swim is a great product, and indispensable for my kids. When I swam, it was all about the straw-like ‘swimmers’ hair,’ but these days that seems to have gone out of fashion. Ultra Swim helps keep their hair soft for perfect pictures.” – Meg T., Edina, Minnesota

“We tried a lot of products before Ultra Swim. Some worked, but none as good as this one. Customers for life!” – Michelle B, Mt. Lebanon, PA

Does Ultra Swim do more than help remove chlorine? 

Have you ever seen a swimmer with greenish hair? Surely you have. It often happens on big swim teams when swimmers train daily all year long. It also happens a lot in the summertime, when kids are at outdoor pools twice a day, even all day.  Their hair turns blonde, sometimes cottony-white, and then it starts to get that greenish hue.  Ultra Swim Shampoo also helps remove copper deposit and other oxidized metals that can cause hair to take on a greenish cast.

Is Ultra Swim gentle on your hair? 

Ultra Swim is designed with a gentle formula for use after every swim, every day.  Ultra Swim is even suitable for chemically treated hair.  So if you’ve colored or lighten your hair, Ultra Swim helps to protect your salon treatment.

Whether you are a competitor swimmer or a swammer getting back into the pool to get fit, you want to include Ultra Swim Ultra Repair Conditioner as well. The conditioner delivers the extra moisture chlorine exposed hair needs. This deep conditioner restores moisture, detangles and repairs split ends — leaving hair shiny and frizz free.

How does Ultra Swim work? 

With each swim, chlorine bonds to hair. Over time, the build-up makes hair dry, brittle and unmanageable.

Unlike ordinary shampoos, UltraSwim attacks chlorine buildup.

Releasing chlorine bonds from hair to wash it away.

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