Swim England Sends Lockdown Plea Letter Ahead Of Gov Debate

In response to the latest national lockdown announcement by the nation’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Swim England has revealed more than 23,000 individuals have signed its petition pleading for leisure centres to remain open.

As we reported, in what he terms ‘preventing a medical and moral disaster’ for the National Health Service regarding the coronavirus, Johnson has implemented the new lockdown effective Thursday, November 5th through at least December 2nd.

Although schools, colleges and universities can remain open, pubs, restaurants, gyms and non-essential shops will be closed for 4 weeks.

What this means for swimming is that non-elite aquatic athletes will be shut out of their leisure pools, but elite athletes can still train privately. Per Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden, elite sport, “can continue to be played behind closed doors.”

Since the announcement, however, Swim England chief executive Jane Nickerson has sent an open letter containing the aforementioned 23,000 signatures, urging Prime Minister Johnson to change his mind and let swimming pools open during this second national lockdown.

This letter was sent ahead of the government debate taking place tomorrow, November 4th. On this date, the House of Commons will debate and vote on Johnson’s proposed measures.

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Margaret Dowsett
2 years ago

Please can the decision to close pools be reversed .
We are all being urged to stay healthy and take exercise during lockdown.
I am not an elite swimmer,I am a 66year old disabled wheelchair user.
I can’t go for a run ,hike , jog cycle workout at home.
I and thousands like me rely on swimming to maintain physical and, equally importantly, mental well-being
This whole thing has more than a whiff of discrimatory attitudes against a group with enough problems to face with a lockdown.
Faithfully. Margaret Dowsett.

Corn Pop
Reply to  Margaret Dowsett
2 years ago

Yes . For many ppl it is worth the risk. There ought be a time frame e.g. 10-11 which is reserved for those such as yourself to use facilities.

Corn Pop
2 years ago

Are you allowed out to take t h e dogs for a walk?

2 years ago

4 weeks is a blatant lie. Everyone knows this will last until mid-December at the earliest.

Reply to  Monteswim
2 years ago

Or worse. I project a scenario where they extend the lockdown over Christmas to reduce spread when families get together. That projection takes into account the previous lockdown which didn’t produce the expected result until the end of May – two months post lockdown.

Last edited 2 years ago by Swimreason
Sam B
2 years ago

test, test, test and keep them open. a fraction of the potential for spreading than in a bar or packed gym

2 years ago

Tonights training session resembled a wake. Never seen anything like it. Scary.

Reply to  Swimreason
2 years ago

Same for us yesterday, just despondency.

Given what Johnson said about golf and tennis yesterday in Parliament, I think this letter is very unlikely to succeed unfortunately.

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