Spain Presents Eleven for London

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 3

April 02nd, 2012 News

The Royal Spanish Swimming Federation has presented their 12 individual entrants for the 2012 London Olympics, though acknowledging that there is still some room for technical maneuvering on the basis of relay entrants.

Though the team is small, based on its makeup and the steep requirements by the Spanish Federation for qualification it is a powerful group that could earn multiple medals at the Olympics. That includes Mireia Belmonte, breaker of three National Records in the past week, and Melania Costa on the women’s side, and Aschwin Wildeboer on the men’s.

As we’re seeing more-and-more of in European swimming, the power significantly favors the women in Spain with 9 entrants to the men’s single entrant.

Women (9):

Conchi Badillo
Marina García
Beatriz Gómez
Duane da Rocha
Judit Ignacio
Mireia Belmonte
Claudia Dasca
Melania Costa
Erika Villaécija

Men (2):

Juan Miguel Rando
Aschwin Wildeboer

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bobo gigi
10 years ago

Yes of course. I have forgotten Zsuzsanna Jakabos. How can I forget her? She’s clearly in the competition.

bobo gigi
10 years ago

I don’t know if Mireia Belmonte Garcia will have a medal at the next olympic games but for me she has already won the medal of beauty. There’s a competition with Olivia Smoliga of USA. These two girls are very talented and very pretty.

Reply to  bobo gigi
10 years ago

Mireia Belmonte MUST edit her events if she wants to win at least a medal. She cannot possibly swim 200-400-800 free, 200-400 IM and 200 fly. She tried to do that last year and failed.
In my opinion, she will do better if she only swims 400-800 free and 400 IM.

On beauty, Suzanna Jakabos is arguably the most beautiful among elite swimmers.

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