Shane Tusup Posts “Episode 1” of Olympic Dark Horse YouTube Series

Hungarian swim coach Shane Tusup has begun his journey with Italian teen star Ilaria Cusinato.

Tusup arrived in Italy on Saturday along with 15-year old Hungarian swimmer Zsombor Bujdoso, who he will also be mentoring in the city of Cittadella. Tusup’s first day back on deck coaching was Monday.

The arrival in Italy also came with the arrival of the first official episode of Tusup’s new YouTube series “Olympic Darkhorse,” where he plans to chronicle the journey of the trio toward the 2020 Olympic Games.

In Episode “0” last week, Tusup announced the plans for the new project. The 31-year old revealed that he would coach 19-year old Italian swimmer Ilaria Cusinato for at least the next year.

Cusinato was the 2018 European Championships silver medalist in the 200 and 400 IMs, and finished the season ranked 12th (2:10.25) and 3rd (4:34.65) globally in those events in 2018. She missed the finals in both events, and the 200 fly, at this year’s World Championships. She was 9th in the 200 fly, 12th in the 200 IM, and 16th in the 400 IM.

The video focuses on Tusup and Budjoso’s arrivals in Italy.

Bujdoso is also primarily an IMer and distance freestyler, with best times similar to those of Cusinato: 2:09.72 in the 200 IM and 4:32.71 in the 400 IM, plus a 16:10.45 in the 1500 free, 8:23.61 in the 800 free, and 4:01.00 in the 400 free in long course.

Most of the video is filler, including a longer-than-necessary clip of Tusup explaining the rules of backgammon to Bujdoso, but the most interesting moment of the video came at the end where Tusup was explaining to Cusinato his plan, in broad terms. To paraphrase, at first, they will focus on her strengths, because they “don’t have time” to eliminate her weaknesses. Then as they go, they will slowly eliminate her weaknesses.

Tusup became famous as the coach, and husband, of Hungary’s most decorated swimmer Katinka Hosszu: a 4-time Olympic medalist. The two underwent a messy public split in late 2017 and into early 2018, and Tusup tried his hand on the World Long Drive Association tour: a competition for golfers who compete to see who can drive the ball the furthest.

Watch “Episode 1” below:

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“Hey Katinka in case you didn’t notice I found myself a new swimmer”


This really does seem like a blown up attempt to make his ex wife jealous. I doubt he’d be making a vlog if his swimmer wasnt a single female

NW Coach

Not matter what you think of Shane, that statement is pretty misogynistic. I doubt Katinka is sitting at home worrying about Cusinato and reducing Cusinato’s accomplishments to just being a single female is also pretty unfair. That being said I would allow my teenage son or my 19 year old daughter anywhere near that guy.


would not*?


Misogynistic? Because I said he wouldn’t be doing this with a male swimmer? I think that statement has much more to do with my opinion of his motives, not a prejudice towards either gender. Come on


And if your 19-year old daughter said she didn’t care what your opinion on her coach was, you’d have 2 options:

1) Say “ok” and support her decision anyway, or
2) Stomp your feet and throw a tantrum about it, damage your relationship with your daughter, and….

In either case it doesn’t make one heap of difference.

So much codependence in this thread about “what people would and wouldn’t let their 19-year old daughters do” lol.


She’s not a single female…she states clearly that she has a boyfriend




Wow, where do I begin…

1. That girl looks eerily similar to Katinka

2. What parents send their 15 year old child unattended to another country to spend time with Shane Tusup?

3. This episode has even less content than Lochte’s reality show did, and that is very, very difficult to do.

Steve Nolan

3 – There was a big moment in one episode that culminated in Lochte getting a phone call. If you looked closely at its screen, you could see the phone wasn’t actually on a call at all.

Loved that show.

Hungarian speaker

Re: 2, Shane Tusup coached Bujdoso for a year+ at Iron Aquatics before, so presumably his parents know and trust Tusup. It has been clear from social media comments that there are many parents who lamented his departure because apparently the kids loved him so much! And this is despite scandals like his f-bomb outburst at that youth meet. I don’t know the standards we’re measuring against here, but the legendary coaches and swimming leaders in Hungary are all gross: Szechy, who said to have revolutionized Hungarian swimming motivated by fear and used to beat his swimmers; Kiss Laszlo, legendary coach of Egerszegi freely admitted to slapping her and oh by the way he had to resign in 2015/16 because… Read more »


A lot of critique and judgment in the comment section here. First off, I wish the swimmers the best in their journey leading up to the Olympics and to their other targets. I also wish Shane the best in this new coaching chapter. Second chances? Anyone know all the details to fully judge this guy? It does tell you something that Shane had a huge following at Iron.

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