See-Saw Battle From New Jersey Backstrokers: Lasco Grabs 100 Back NAG Record; Marciano Takes 50

Less than 24 hours after Vinny Marciano was a 52.47 at the New Jersey Swimming Junior Olympics on Friday evening, Destin Lasco swam a 52.32 at the Middle Atlantic Junior Olympics elsewhere in the state to take the 11-12 National Age Group Record away.

These two have traded blows for the last few years in both the 10 & under and 11-12 national age group record lists for the backstrokes, and between them now hold the 6 fastest times in the history of that age group. Ryan Murphy was the record holder up until December of 2013 in 54.20, and that record is now almost two seconds gone.

Meanwhile, Marciano is far from done as well: while it’s unclear as to the timing of the two races and which came first, Lasco’s bid to hold all three 11-12 yards records was short lived. That’s because Marciano grabbed away Lasco’s 50 yard backstroke record at New Jersey’s JO’s, where he swam a 24.61 to break the 25.02 done by Lasco earlier this year, and be the first 11-12 under 25 seconds in that race.

Note that due to different event orders, Lasco still hasn’t swum the 50 back this weekend, so there’s a chance that things could swing back again.

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9 years ago


9 years ago

Destin Lasco – 50 back NAG Record….0:25.56Y

bobo gigi
9 years ago

So a little recap of Sunday’s NAG records targets in that part of USA.
Reece Whitley will attack the 13/14 100 breast NAG record owned by Michael Andrew. Very hard to break since Mr Andrew has put it at a very high level last week. Much better chance next December.
Vinny Marciano will attack the 11/12 200 back NAG record owned by Destin Lasco. Not easy but he can do it.
And Destin Lasco will attack the 11/12 50 back NAG record owned by Vinny Marciano. Not easy but he can do it.

bobo gigi
9 years ago

Important to note that Vinny has no prelims unlike Destin.

I wonder if Mr Lasco has swum the 500 free just before the 100 back.
The live results don’t work for that event.
It would be still more impressive.

Other thoughts about both meets.
Mr Marciano is also very fast on freestyle and on butterfly.
53.85 in the 100 fly/48.62 in the 100 free
Another Pleasantville Aquatics swimmer, 10-year-old Alexandra Antonov looks very promising too. 2.03.42 in the 200 free and 56.60 in the 100 free.
There are many Russian-sounding names in that club. Like Mr Petrov the coach.

Reply to  bobo gigi
9 years ago

Destin broke the 50 Back NAG tonight…0:24.56Y. He swam 200IM before the back and clocked 1:57.89Y. Finished the session with 0:49.39Y. Not too bad after 18 swims for the past four days.
Scratched 500 Free before the 100 Back. He would have only 10 min. break between the two events.
We sound like Russians…but we are actually Bulgarians… 🙂

Reply to  mitkoswim
8 years ago


bobo gigi
9 years ago

All these records! 🙄

Very funny!
Destin had to swim 52.47. He swims 52.32. What a genius!
Vinny takes the 50 back record but Destin will swim the race today to bring it home again.
Destin has broken the 200 back record but Vinny will swim the race today with a good chance to break it.
Yes. It’s Murphy vs Conger but at a better level.
Destin and Vinny almost make Ryan and Jack look old while they are only 18 and 19! 😆
You have no problem in USA on backstroke for at least the next 15 years!

9 years ago

Living so close together (by Western standards)… do they ever compete against each other in the same meet?

Reply to  Braden Keith
9 years ago

How about the Eastern Zone Age Group Championships to be held March 27-29 In Webster, NY??? You would think that they would make their LSC All-Star teams.

9 years ago

It reminds me of the book “Four Champions One Gold Medal”…but the new story is about two kids racing across the state of New Jersey who compete for every second to prove their excellence in the sport we love. Great swims boys!

9 years ago

It’s shaping up to be a Murphy/Conger situation… except, maybe better???

Scary thought that they are 2 seconds ahead of Murphy… no… terrifying.


Reply to  Hulk Swim
9 years ago

I don’t know if the rivalry will be better than Murphy – conger, but my guts feeling tell me Destin Lasco will become even greater backstroker than either Murphy or Conger

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