Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV Killed in Fighting in Iraq

by Robert Gibbs 10

May 03rd, 2016 International, News

The US Navy SEAL killed in Iraq on Tuesday was Charles Keating IV, a scion of the family that was prominent both for finances and for swimming.

According to Department of Defense officials, a SEAL was killed by “direct fire” from Islamic State forces while serving as an advisor to Kurdish officials who were fighting ISIS north of Mosul.

Initial Pentagon reports did not name the SEAL who was killed, but other media outlets identified Keating later in the day.  Keating was 31 year-old and serving with Navy Special Warfare Group 2, located in Coronado, California.

While many readers may recognize that name primarily due to the Saving & Loans scandal that made headlines in the United States in the 1980s, those who have been involved with the swimming community for a long time also know that the Keating family has a storied history with the sport.

Keating IV’s grandfather, Charles Keating Jr., won a NCAA title in the 200 breaststroke in 1945.  Charles Keating III was also a breaststroker, and swam in the 1976 Olympics taking 5th in the 200 breast.

The Keating family is also related to the Hall family of Olympic swimmers, as Gary Hall Sr. married Mary Keating, the daughter of Keating Jr.  Hall Sr. won Olympic golds and set several world records, and now runs the Race Club in Islamorada, FL.  His son, Gary Hall Jr., represented the United States in three straight Olympic Games, accumulating a total of five gold medals.

According to an older article at, Charles Keating IV, known as “Charlie” or “C4,” was more of a runner than a swimmer, having success in track at the high school level.

Keating is the third US service member killed fighting ISIS since 2014.  The Pentagon said that more information will be released once after next-of-kin notification is complete.

The SwimSwam staff would like to extend our condolences to the Keating and Hall families.

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John haas
4 years ago

Terrible news. My heart goes out to the family.

4 years ago

God bless our military, condolences to his family.

Reply to  Panda
4 years ago

In this case I’d be really wanting to know who is funding , training , doing the media /PR for so called ISIS.

Knowledge is better than hope in God.

Reply to  Gina
4 years ago

Gina, what the heck does “Knowledge is better than hope in God.” mean? I have a former high school teammate and 2 college teammates who are all retired Navy SEALs and to paraphrase what one of them was known to quote, “we sleep peacefully at night knowing rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf,” please keep your unrelated comments to yourself during this time of mourning the loss of a GREAT young man. My heart goes out to the Keating, Hall and SPECops families.

Reply to  localcoach
4 years ago

Your emotion does not over rule logic. I could have been more direct & questioned why ‘God” would bless the US military but I let that go because of civility. I directed the reply to suggesting people start thinking clearly about this “Isis” . It is not the Grassy Knoll but Kurdistan where the US has had a major influence since Clintons No Fly Zone in the mid 1990s. Somehow a large army of biblical ferocity turned up on heavily US influenced territory. I personally have no problem with violence for a greater good. You do not own that sentiment . In fact I am certain the US operation there is mightily frustrated with their political directives & would like… Read more »

A friend
4 years ago

GHJ – so sorry to hear about your cousin. Prays and love to your family.