Say No to Doping – WADA Feature Video

Courtesy of WADA:

The video below, EFFORT, was produced as a campaign to encourage athletes to achieve based on “effort,” not by using performance-enhancing drugs and cheating. WADA produced these videos for nearly all non-traditional sports.

Via the WADA YouTube Channel:

EFFORT: Sporting success and true enjoyment can only be achieved through genuine effort.

Based on the success of its 30-second Say NO! To Doping video, highlighting sport values, WADA has made a series of 15-second clips available to its stakeholders, in order to support their efforts in promoting clean sport.  

World Anti-Doping Agency – The Doping Control Process for Athletes

To learn more about WADA and their efforts to keep sport clean, go here. 

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2 Things
10 years ago

1. Nicole-please go back to the Stone Age. The goal of sports in to ENTERTAIN. Fans are ENTERTAINED by people being bigger, better, faster and stronger (whether doping/pool/suit technology/etc.). Please stop the “Oh my god, we did have blahblahblah when I was swimming”. We aren’t swimming in the 1970. Times progress. Move on.

2. I was really on the fence about doping. But that cheesy, iMovie quality advertisement by WADA really swung me…

10 years ago

I find this rather unique because swimming has used a ton of technology to make faster suits and pools, but you only worry about doping. Uh, hello, tech suits and faster pools IS cheating. Spitz won his medal haul fare and square by kicking tail. Phelps was a just on another planet. There’s no tech basketball court or track field. Let’s try it again shall we.

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