Previously Suspended Rio Anti-Doping Lab Receives Accreditation

On Wednesday, The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced that the Brazilian Laboratory Doping Control (LBCD) would receive accreditation before the Olympic Games begin. The decision took effect immediately, and was signed by Sir Craig Redddie, Chairman Executive Committee of WADA.

To be released from the suspension, the LBCD had to meet numerous requirements to satisfy the standards imposed by the International Standard Laboratories (ISL). WADA members were present to check the condition of equipment and technical work.

With the release of this decision, the lab not only clears its reputation, but allows for the athletes’ samples to be tested near where the Games are taking place. If the lab did not receive accreditation in time, the samples would have to be sent to an accredited lab in another country. This process would have been much more timely and would have hindered Rio’s effort to run a clean Games.

The lab was originally suspended on June 24 for technical errors in doping procedures, and although WADA was non-specific about the reasons for the suspension, they called the situation “pretty disturbing”.

The suspension marks the second time the lab has been under fire, as their accreditation was revoked in 2013.

The LBCD, the lab that found positive tests of the World Record Holder Cesar Cielo, is not the only lab that has been suspended in the last 6 months. Labs in Madrid, Mosco, Lisbon, Beijing, and Bloemfontein, South Africa have all been suspended due to various violations.

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7 years ago

From ‘pretty disturbing’ to fabulous in less than 4 weeks.

BTW its Mr Craig Reddie to all non British people.

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