Photo Vault: Behind the Scenes with Cameron van der Burgh and the Movember Relay Challenge

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes photos from the Movember Relay Challenge thrown down by South Africa’s World Record-holding and Olympic champion breaststroker Cameron Van der Burgh, former World Champ Gerhard Zandberg, World Champs bronze medalist Giulio Zorzi and African Championships medalist Shaun Harris (a cancer survivor now in remission).


SwimSwam is looking for videos from relay teams who want to take Cameron van der Burgh and the rest of his Tuks Team up on their challenge. Remember the rules as set out in the challenge:

  1. Find three friends.
  2. Film yourselves swimming a 4×50 medley relay.
  3. All relay members must sport mustaches – real or drawn on. For female challengers (or men who are, shall we say, mustache-challenged), get out your sharpies and show off your best artwork.
  4. Send us the video. Deadline is December 15th to be eligible for prizes.

If you can beat the South Africans’ time, you move into the lead! If you don’t meet the time, you must donate any amount you wish to cancer research at

TGP_2082 _TGP3184 _TGP3155 _TGP3147 _TGP3136 _TGP3132 _TGP3098 _TGP3093 _TGP3070 _TGP3059 _TGP3055 _TGP3049 _TGP3043 _TGP3035 _TGP3032 _TGP3027 _TGP3026

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7 years ago

WHy do they all look like part of the nigel thornberry?

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