Pellegrini, Magnini Headline Italian European SC Champs Squad

The Italians will be sending a large, and largely complete, squad to the 2011 European Short Course Championships from December 8th-11th in Poland.

For the men, they will have a nearly-complete sprint crew of Filippo Magnini, Luca Dotto, and Marco Orsi, and though they are without their long course partner Michele Santucci, the veteran Andrea Rolla will fill in admirably to make the Italians the favorite in the 200 free relay, closely followed by the Germans (there is only a 200 free and 200 medley relay at this meet).

Fabio Scozzoli is the defending champion in the 100 breaststroke, and this summer took silver at the long course World Championships in the same event. His understudy, Mattia Pesce, is also a medal candidate.

On the women’s side, the headliner is Federica Pellegrini, who has 9 European Short Course medals in her career. This summer, she doubled in the 200 and 400 at Worlds, and she will attempt the same at this meet. In 2010, her only individual medal at this meet was a gold in the 800, but she will forgo that event this year.

The most disappointing absence from the meet is Alessia Filippi, the 2009 World Champion in the 1500 free who hasn’t had a serious swim in over a year. She attempted a quick comeback this summer after a brief time filming Italy’s version of Dancing with the Stars, but was unsuccessful. She has dabbled in a few minor meets since then, but without many serious swims. At only 24, she seems to have at least one good Olympic Games left in her.


Nicolo Beni (Esercito/Fiorentina Nuoto) 50 backstroke/200 fly
Federico Bocchia (Esercito/NC Parma 91) only relays
Piero Codia (CC Aniene) 50/100/200 backstroke, 50/100 fly
Daniele Cremonesi (Forum SC) 50/100 breaststroke
Alessandro Cuoghi (Rane Rosse Aqvasport) 200/400 freestyle, 400 IM
Gabriele Detti (Team Lombardia MGM) 200/400 freestyle
Alex Di Giorgio (CC Aniene) 200/400 freestyle
Mirko Di Tora (Fiamme Oro/NC Azzurra 91) 50/100 backstroke
Luca Angelo Dioli (Forestale Geas Nuoto) 200/400 IM
Luca Dotto (Forestale/Larus Nuoto) 50/100 freestyle
Paolo Facchinelli (NC Azzurra 91) 50/100 fly
Matteo Furlan (Plain Team Veneto) 1500 freestyle
Stefano Iacobone (Team Lombardia MGM) 100/200 fly
Filippo Magnini (Larus Nuoto) 200 freestyle
Matteo Milli (Forum SC) 50/100/200 backstroke
Marco Orsi (Fiamme Oro/Uisp Bologna) 50/100 freestyle
Francesco Pavone (Andrea Doria) 100/200 fly
Mattia Pesce (Forum SC/Fiamme Oro) 50/100/200 breaststroke
Rocco Potenza (Aurelia Nuoto Unicusano) 400/1500 freestyle
Andrea Rolla (team Lombardia MGM) 50/100 freestyle
Fabio Scozzoli (Esercito/Imolanuoto) 50/100/200 breaststroke/100 IM
Lucio Spadaro (SC Flegreo/Fiamme Oro) 50/100 freestyle
Federico Turrini (Esercito/Nuoto Livorno) 100, 200/400 IM


Arianna Barbieri (NC Azzurra 91) 50/100/200 backstroke
Ilaria Bianchi (Fiamme Azzurre/Azzurra ’91) 50/100 fly
Chiara Boggiatto (Esercito/Nuoto Livorno) 50/100/200 breaststroke
Erika Buratto (Team Lombardia MGM) 50/100/200 freestyle/100/200 IM
Martina Rita Caramignoli (Aurelia Unicusano) 400/800 freestyle
Giulia De Ascentis (CC Aniene) 50/100/200 breaststroke
Martina De Memme (Esercito/Nuoto Livorno) 200/400/800 freestyle
Elena Di Liddo (CC Aniene) 50/100 backstroke/50/100 fly
Erika Ferraioli (Esercito/Forum SC) 50/100 freestyle
Lisa Fissneider (Bolzano Nuoto) 50/100/200 breaststroke
Roberta Ioppi (Team Lombardia MGM) 400 freestyle/100/200 backstroke
Laura Letrari (Esercito/Bolzano Nuoto) 50/100 freestyle,50 backstroke, 50 fly, 100/200 IM
Federica Pellegrini (CC Aniene) 200/400 freestyle
Marussia Pietrocola (Team Lombardia MGM) 50/100 backstroke,100/200/400 IM
Alessia Polieri (Imolanuoto) 100/200 fly/200/400 IM





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