Pan Pacs Open Water Moved to Hawaii, Will be Swum Next Week with Jr. Pan Pacs

The unexpected rain in the Gold Coast, Australia this week has continued to cause problems for meet organizers, as this week’s 10km races have been “postponed,” though technically not cancelled.

The race will instead be held in conjunction with the Junior Pan Pac Championships on August 31st in Maui, Hawaii, one week from Sunday.

The water quality at the Marine Stadium in the Southport Spit was deemed to be too high with pollution after heavy, consistent rains all week caused increased levels of run-off.

“The heavy, consistent rain fall that fell on the Gold Coast this week has caused increased pollution in the water ways and lakes,” said Swimming Australia CEO Mark Anderson

“The wind and rain forced us to look for another venue when Marine Stadium became an issue and when the results came back from tests carried out at our contingency venue at Lake Hugh Muntz they were not consistent with the water quality levels required to stage a major international open water competition.”

The four host nations discussed moving the race to Lake Hugh Muntz, but the water quality there was deemed “borderline safe,” and the hosts decided it wasn’t in the best interest of the athletes’ health and safety.

“For the international teams, athletes and their families it’s a long way to come not to get a swim and we regret this situation occurring.”

“We are sincerely apologetic but we were unfortunately left with no alternative but to make the call to cancel,” Anderson continued.

The logistics of how athletes will get to Hawaii and how the race will be held (simultaneously with the junior swimmers and simply separate podiums, or as a separate event) have not yet been released.

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7 years ago

you gutless individuals, these people have trained months for this event , it is OW, it rains, it blows, it swells and it get s dirty. Get some balls, get some OW experience. I am sure entrants will welcome the opportunity and delay of a week. Sounds like an attempt to get the sponsored swimmers with nothing else to do to get to Hawaii and those with real enthusuasm a chance to fly home because of cost etc. WELL DONE

james james
7 years ago

cancellation due to lack of ……..

7 years ago

Does this mean separate races for the senior and juniors Pan Pacs? Or will they are swim as one big group?

Reply to  Catherine
7 years ago

They would be swim on a big group but the organiser’z would be doing some separate podium…:)

7 years ago

Although I support the cancellation following the water test showing unsafe levels of E.coli, I think this incident should highlight some of the unsafe conditions that organizers often schedule race venues thinking more of local benefits then the safety of our swimmers. I have seen races in dirty water resulting in mass sickness, dangerous waters due to crocs and jellyfish and over heated water 30C and hotter which has caused severe heat exhaustion and even death of one swimmer. Open water swimming needs to be safe and organizers need to establish stronger safety guidelines to first authorize a swimming venue. I also think that venues should have alternative plans should the unexpected occur.

7 years ago

Its verry fun for the international junior swimmers to swim with they seniors swimmer , it’s also fun for the senior swimmer to have an opurtunity to race … Cause some athletes have to work very hard to have a place on the national team…

Canadian swimmer’s

7 years ago

Best place for info/ coverage of this, at the new date & venue?

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