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October 28th, 2016 Gear, Industry, News

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Realtime feedback for your swim and dry land workouts!

Visually monitor your pace and intervals to maximize your training.

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Pace…Me is a new tool that uses LED lights to let swimmers and athletes visually monitor their pace and intervals.

It is a simple solution to a chronic problem. Pacing. Proper pacing has the ability to transform performance, helping athletes beat their best times and finish workouts and races stronger than they thought possible.

Unfortunately, there are very few solutions to this pacing problem. Swimmers especially are at a disadvantage. Senses are muted underwater and you can’t shift your body to look at watches or clocks, which destroys your technique, thereby messing up your times.

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As a passionate swimmer I was constantly frustrated about the lack of feedback for my swim workouts.

I’d bought plenty of gadgets that gave me information after my workout, but I couldn’t find a solution that allowed me to understand how I was doing in real-time so I could make changes and improve my performance. I noticed that the discontent with the available solutions was present across the board, from high performance athletes to novice swimmers.

That was where the idea for Pace…Me was born. Swimmers at all levels want the opportunity to get continuous feedback that allows them to adjust their speed and learn proper pacing.

Pace…Me uses patent pending LED technology to give you visual feedback on your pace. Pace…Me’s dual LED lights flash at designated times so athletes can understand their pace during their workout and adjust their speed accordingly.

Our device attaches to goggles and fitness eyewear, so you can use it anywhere you go.

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How we distribute energy during workouts is fundamental to our success. If you expend to much energy early on, your times will fall drastically and you will finish races and workouts tired at much slower speeds than your actual ability. Go out to slow and you run the risk of falling so far behind you are unable to recover, despite having energy stored up.

Proper pacing allows you to take control, fight fatigue and finish strong. A vital tool that too many athletes overlook.

Pacing is a learned process. It takes time, patience and the correct tools to master. Pacing does not replace attentive training, but for those who are dedicated to training pacing is the missing link that allows you to optimize performance.

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We choose a visual solution to the pacing problem because we were disappointed with the current solutions available. When swimming with goggles your line of sight is clear and the Pace…Me lights are impossible to miss. Audio alerts and vibrations can easily be missed in the midst of a workout.

Audio devices offered a good start for many people, but they were a struggle to hear in the water. Add into the equation a noisy pool or outside sounds and it becomes even more difficult. Vibrations can also be missed when moving quickly through the water or cause you to mess up your form, slowing down your stroke . Visual pacing cues propel you forward, acting as a silent coach to guide your training.

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We designed Pace…Me with simplicity in mind. No phones, no apps just the tools you need to get the most out of your workout. Pace…Me is waterproof, lightweight and attaches to any eyewear.

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Workout Examples

Workout Example 1

You are swimming 500 yards in a 25-yard pool. Your desired pace is 40 seconds per lap.

  • Set Pace…Me “Red Light Mode”for 40-second intervals, if you touch the wall before the light shines, slow down a bit, if it flashes after speed up.
  • Set “Other Light Mode” for your desired interval time, say 1:20 seconds.
  • Set Interval Mode to “Yes”.
  • The light will flash to let you know when you’ve completed your interval and the “Red Light” will reset to zero.
  • The light guides the swimmer, giving them real-time feedback on their pace. You know your pace at each lap. It is far easier to make a small one-second adjustment each lap than to try to make a 10-second adjustment later.

Workout Example 2

You are swimming 500 yards in a 25 yard pool. You want to beat your usual time of 8 minutes.

  • Set “Red Light Mode” to flash every 23 seconds (your one lap time)
  • Set the “Other Light Mode” to flash every 46 seconds ( your two lap time)
  • Attach the device to your goggles.
  • Press Start and try to keep pace, touching the wall exactly when the light flashes (make it a game of touch accuracy). The improved consistency and pace awareness provided by Pace…Me will allow you to blow your old time out of the water.

Workout Example 3

You are doing a Bootcamp workout consisting 4 circuits of 7 exercises. You want 1-minute rest between each circuit.

  • Set the “Red Light Mode” for 1-minute.
  • Set the “Other Light Mode” for 8 minutes.
  • Set the Interval Mode to “Yes”.
  • Attach Pace…Me to your fitness eyewear. Press Start.
  • Do each exercise for 1 minute, switching your exercise at each red light flash.
  • When you complete your 7 exercises, rest until you see the green light flash, then start again.

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Pace…Me will retail for $74.99. If you our one of our first 50 backers, you can get Early Bird pricing and get Pace…Me for $65.


Pace…Me is inspired by our love of fitness and desire to help athletes of all levels transform their performance. We started out with a simple goal – to help swimmers take control of their pace. The longer we worked on this project the more we met athletes who had new and exciting ideas for how to introduce Pace…Me into their everyday life. Whether it was a yoga instructor using it for breath count, a triathlete who wanted to use it for nutrition monitoring or an at home fitness enthusiast who wanted to use it for bootcamp workouts.

We are continually inspired by an amazing community of athletes. That is why we chose Kickstarter. So we could reach the people who’s opinion we cared about the most. Passionate swimmers, triathletes and athletes who can give us the feedback we need. The funds we raise will go directly to building our tool, starting manufacturing and distributing our product to you! Help us build an amazing product that helps athletes to harness their full potential.

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Sorry to read your comment. Haven’t seen other options that provides visual information. Definitely seen a lot of devices that offer audio cues or vibration, but haven’t had any success using these products. We hope we can fill a void for swimmers who aren’t currently happy with the options. We’re a small team of swimmers and triathletes, our price is reflective of our costs to produce which is impacted by the quality of our components, manufacturers and of course our small size. We’ve had a lot of success using Pace…Me with swim teams and athletes thus far and look forward to filling a need for more athletes.

simon kerry

where can I get the pace me in south Africa?


Hi Simon! The wait is over, you can now order Pace…Me on our website-

Colin Clayton

Sorry if this question has been asked previously but how does Pace me work in open water swimming?

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