Olympic Gold Medalist Katie Meili Announces Retirement From Swimming

by Spencer Penland 35

July 08th, 2019 National, News

American Katie Meili announced via Instagram that she has decided to retire from swimming. Meili’s statement said in part, “My swimming career has been a dream come true and I am so grateful for the lessons it has taught me, the opportunities it has provided me, and most importantly, the incredible people it has brought into my life.”

The US  breaststroke star won Bronze in the 100 breast at the 2016 Rio Olympics, also helping the women’s 4×100 medley relay to its gold ledal by swimming in prelims. Meili also won Silver in the 100 breast at the 2017 World Champs in Budapest, marking a 1-2 American finish with the help of Lilly King, and leaving Russian superstar Yuliya Efimova in 3rd. Meili also won Bronze in the 50 breast at 2017 Worlds, and had 3 short course world champs gold medals, and 1 silver.

Meili has been serving as a volunteer assistant coach at Georgetown University since 2017, while attending law school. In the 2018-2019 season, Meili only competed in at the SCM World Champs in the Fall, the TYR Pro Swim Series in Richmond in April, and the FINA Champions Series in May. Meili had qualified to swim the 100 breast (and 50 breast) at the fast-approaching World Champs in Gwangju, but declined the spot. Micah Sumrall took her place instead

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2 years ago

Team USA just lost a ’10’, in personality, swimming and looks. Congrats on a great swim career and good luck in law school!

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Bruh
2 years ago

You forgot “brain.” Which apparently is a 10, too.

PK Doesn’t Like His Long Name
2 years ago

All the best to her, obviously, but this one kinda bums me out. She was such a late bloomer and her story was awesome and inspiring as a result, and she’s always come off as bubbly and fun. She swam great last summer and winter and felt like she was primed to be one of the vets on the 2020 team. She seems to have her life together, which is great, but I’ll still miss seeing her compete next year.

2 years ago

All class. Best of luck in the future.

2 years ago

Congrats Katie on a great career!!!

2 years ago

Wow. A little surprise she did this a year out but I get it. If the heart isn’t in it you can’t be the champion you know you are and that diminishes your own self. Congrats Katie. You are a star and had a fabulous career. Ivy League Proud!

Reply to  Snarky
2 years ago

That was my first thought, but it is still a full 12-months of grueling workouts before Olympic Trials AND with really only 1 open spot, there is Annie Lazor who is swimming lights out, speedy Molly Hannis and always strong Larson, Sumrall, and Galat.

2 years ago

One of my faves. Seems like someone that will always land on their feet

2 years ago

Who is swimming in the second spot of the 100breast in Gwangju?

Reply to  Lou
2 years ago

Micah Sumrall

Reply to  Braden Keith
2 years ago

Tom Shields

Reply to  Lou
2 years ago

Dean Farris.

2 years ago

One of the classiest and most down to earth world class athletes I have ever known. Well deserved after a brief, but highly impactful career and influence on the sport of swimming and how 100 breaststroke is done (one of the best head positions in the sport). All the best, Katie!