Olympic Champ Nathan Adrian explains the Ancient Art of Cupping – Gold Medal Minute Video


Nathan Adrian by Mike Lewis-53-time Olympic gold medalist, Nathan Adrian, explains why he uses the ancient art of cupping to recover.

Adrian continues to control the 100 meter freestyle for Team USA, recently dropping a 48.1 at the Santa Clara Grand Prix. Adrian’s in-season 48.1 essentially ties his (shaved) win at the 2010 Pan Pacific Championships.  With Michael Phelps in the 100 free mix this summer, Adrian will be challenged in this event.

Prediction: Adrian, after suffering sickness at the 2013 FINA World Championships, returns to form at the 2014 Pan Pacific Championships, winning the 100 freestyle in 47.36.

What’s your prediction for the men’s 100 free at the 2014 Pan Pacific Championships?

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This is a Gold Medal Media production presented by SwimOutlet.com. Host Gold Medal Mel Stewart is a 3-time Olympic medalist and the co-founder of SwimSwam.com.


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Bold prediction. Adrian over Magnussen and McEvoy? I think the Aussies win it this year, if they are focusing on Pan Pacs and not just commonwealths.


The aussies are definitely focusing on the commonwealths. Winning at the CWG may translate into fame and thus much monetary returns, compared to the pan pacs.
The USA will dominate the Pan Pacs as usual.


Just looked it up: there is about 1 month between CWG and PP. That’s just about as long as between US Olympic Trials and the Olympic Games.

Nathan Adrian and Jason Lezak re-tapered well. Most sprinters can. It’s mostly a matter of mental focus. Since Australia never puts much stock in short course swimming, I would expect McEvoy and Magnussen to close out the long course season strong.

But yes, McEvoy is really coming into his own. I expect big things between now and Rio


Mel , i am with u on this bold prediction . I have always felt Adrian’s bigger drop on 100 free would come one day soon ; specially after end of 2009 when the super suits were banned . He did a super relay anchor in 2009 in that 400 free relay and amazing others ones since than . If the Aussies leave a bit too much Energy at The CWG , Adrian will be defenetly the favourite with a great time . I would predict a 47.3 like u did . It’s in the range of his potential and maturity / age factors . This time i beleive Usa will take the gold on the 400 free relay ;… Read more »


I also do regular cupping/blood-letting, using pen-like sterile needle to prick the skin and help the blood flows out easily when cupped. It feels really good afterwards. They say it also helps rid toxins off the body.


Please name the “toxins” that cupping helps remove. A healthy individual will remove toxins just fine via the liver, kidney, and lymphatic system. I apologize for the tone of this comment, but I cannot stand the promotion of pseudoscience.

Becky D

Ok, maybe they’re not toxins, but they’re definitely chemicals. 😉


You dare dispute the wisdom of “they?”


(I am not trained in cupping but I am a physical therapist and licensed massage therapist) It is true that a healthy body is able to remove toxins in the bloodstream; however, an athlete who is regularly pushing his/her body to its physical limits will produce large quantities of waste products during workouts (ie: lactic acid), and it is difficult for the body to remove that waste before the next workout. This is particularly true in mature athletes with larger bodies and thicker muscle mass, because there is simply a greater distance for the blood/lymph to travel and more tissue to clean. If a swimmer is also strength training, microtears will be created along with the localized inflammation necessary to… Read more »


First, some semantics: Lactic acid is not a waste product.

And second, please point me to some evidence that fascia restrict muscle development. The closest thing I can find is a study from like 20 years ago with birds where they hung weights from the wings and declared that muscle was gained due to stretching, and not the weights (somehow).


I agree with Sven, lactate is not a waste product or ‘toxin’, it is a very useful source of energy for exercise and competition. Lactate does not cause post-exercise muscle soreness and in healthy individuals, lactate levels should return to pre-exercise levels about 90 minutes after training or competition, regardless of any warm-down, stretching or massage. (Warm-down, stretching, and massage are all useful for other reasons and may lead to slightly quicker lactate removal which is useful when swimming multiple races.) If you have soreness or recovery issues, go see a doctor or a PT like Danjohnrob, who will help you with proven modalities that will help your athletic performance and health. Please do not pay someone to lance you… Read more »


…to prick the sin and help the blood flow out??? Do you mean out of the skin? That hardly seems clean to me, and I’ve never had any needles involved when I’ve gotten cupping (aside when I’ve had combined sessions with acupuncture treatment)

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