Off the Deep End: Lochte's Gatorade Sponsorship Comes with 3 Olympic Gold Medals!

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 26

November 26th, 2011 Industry

Gatorade was so excited about their sponsorship of Ryan Lochte, that they turned on the Midas touch and all of his Olympic medals into golds! The video below, posted via the Reezy Daily, starts with Ryan proclaiming at the 11 second mark that he has “6 Olympic gold medals and 4 World Records,” though in fact he’s won 6 total medals – only 3 of which have been gold. Perhaps this is a bit of foreshadowing, though, as Lochte will surely take at least 3 more in London.

But hey, we’re all guilty of minor mistakes from time-to-time. Aside from that, the video is awesome, and I think will give more casual sporting fans an inside look into what elite swim training is like (as compared to the neighborhood swim team that they were on as schoolchildren). Lochte’s strength coach, Matt DeLancey, is one of the best in the world, and he uses a great analogy to describe Lochte’s dryland routines.

“Farmers need a lot of consistency in their programs, but not a lot of variety, and hunters need to have tons of variety, and this guy’s a hunter.”

What he’s saying is that Lochte needs to be constantly challenged, from a mental and physical standpoint, with new exercises and strength routines to continue to improve. For a guy that strong, this can be both a difficult and a highly rewarding challenge for a strength coach. He also describes Lochte as a “freak among freak…among freak” athletes when referring to his natural athletic talent.

Check out the video below! (Gatorade would post an edited version later on, but that’s not as much fun.)

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9 years ago

Gatorade re-edited and re-issued the ad with the proper statistic on their YouTube page (, thank god. I believe the Reezy Daily video was just a copy of the original one before the edit. 🙂

9 years ago

Exaggerating his accomplishments is a minor mistake? As the words were coming out of his mouth how did he not pause and think “oh wait, I only have 3 Olympic golds”

9 years ago

his publicist should have caught it before it aired

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