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May 25th, 2021 Europe, Industry, News

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All swimmers know the frustration of torn or ripped expensive tech suits. Luckily, these days of throwing your expensive tech suits down the drain are gone! The most common among these frustrations are ripping your suit right before or after racing, but also your seams which loosen due to chlorine degradation. Tossing your suits in the bin is not your only option anymore. Thanks to the Repair Service by

We are specialists in swimming gear. Our focus is on racing suits and high performance. Our homebase location is situated in the National Swim Centre (Pieter van den Hoogenband Swimming Stadium) in Eindhoven, also the home to all the top Dutch athletes. We started our business 30 years ago and have accustomed ourselves through the whole development of racing suits for swimmers. During the evaluation of suits we often dealt with swimmers, parents and the disappointments of ripped (new) suits. So subsequently we tried to help swimmers on two different levels.

The first was to sell racing suits on appointment, measuring the athletes and advising them in which suit and size would be best for their personal needs and helping to put on the racing suit correctly. The second level was to be ready te help if at any point their suit would rip or loosen in the seams and the warranty would have passed. This was the beginning of our Repair Service. Our Repair Service has developed a method to repair your suit and we have invested in knowledge and understanding of the different materials.

Our Repair Service offers you a solution: not only tears in the fabric of your tech suit but also the seams can all be very nicely repaired for you and all according to the original production methods. Seams are professionally and thoroughly repaired, a tear large or small can be repaired completely by means of an insert of the same material as your suit, thus ensuring it preserves its stretch and strength.

We have many years of experience repairing racing suits of numerous different models and brands. We offer you a 6 month warranty on all repairs done by our service. Additionally, we offer worldwide shipping.

It’s easy to send your suit by downloading the specific template of your suit and fill out what we need to repair. You can use our pickup service for sending and delivering your suit. Free delivery is available for 10 or more suits.

  • Check our website for all your swimming gear. We offer free shipping for all orders above € 150,- and can combine this with returning your repaired tech suit.
  • Or you can take advantage of free shipping and combine the return shipping with one of our exclusive powerskin deals.
  • Another option is to trade in your ripped tech suit and receive a discount on a new suit! Send an e-mail with pictures of your suit to [email protected]. We always have the latest collection of suits in stock.

What’sApp / SMS : 00 31 6 45 77 45 90
E-mail : [email protected]
Instagram : https://www.instagram/
Facebook :

Are you interested in this opportunity to become a dealer for this exclusive Repair Service for your region? Send us an email with more information on your store and website. The benefits for your business to participate are:

  • You are accessible to the swimmers community. It is a service which is in great demand for all swimmers and could help them a great deal;
  • Sustainability is a key factor for growing your business, now and even more in the future;
  • The repair of all kinds of brands, so the service is not brand limited;
  • You will receive a referral on our repair page and in our advertorials;
  • Most important of all: very satisfied and happy swimmers!

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