NCAA Vacates Wins By Cal Poly Over Violations In Book Scholarships

The NCAA has stripped California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) of wins over three-plus seasons and put the school on two years of probation over violations involving stipends for textbooks given to student-athletes.

The case appeared in the NCAA violations database as of April 18. The NCAA reports that Cal Poly “did not monitor its book scholarship program to ensure the administration of stipends followed NCAA rules.” The NCAA report says that the university provided scholarship stipends to student-athletes to cover the cost of books, but that the $800 stipend ultimately exceeded the actual cost of books by a significant amount, and that the stipends put 30 student-athletes over their financial aid limits.

The report says the school gave the $800 stipends to 265 athletes across 18 spots. The report says that among 72 student athletes, the stipends exceeded the actual cost of books by $16,180. That’s more than $220 extra per student-athlete.

The violations occurred from the 2012-2013 academic year through the 2015 fall quarter, according to the NCAA’s report, which you can read here.

The NCAA lists 19 “involved sports,” including both men’s and women’s swimming & diving. That means any swimming & diving wins between fall 2012 and fall 2015 involving a student-athlete who was given the excessive scholarship stipend will be vacated, including conference and NCAA finishes.

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My goodne$$! “$220 extra per $tudent-athlete$?!” NCAA, job well done!

2 Cents

Hahaha you go get em NCAA… get the school that lets kids buy more books and covers transfers and add/drops… but those schools who let you take “drama set building” for an pass or fake “AFAM” classes… let them go and do not punish them because those are your “cash cows”…. damn this makes me sick…

I love what the NCAA is supposed to stand for, and what they usually do, but now it seems they only pick on small schools and let the big ones go… aka, no punishment for UNC but UC Poly gets slapped with sanctions…. c’mon now!


Do we know if the swim team was actually part of this violation? The swim team isn’t fully funded.


They are


Are you sure? I heard from someone close to the program they weren’t.


The swim team is not fully funded, I am not sure where you are getting this information.

Swimming Fan

That’s really the ultimate irony – the team doesn’t even have a fully funded swim program.

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