NBC to air Jessica Long feature during Sochi coverage this weekend – Watch trailers here

During coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympics this weekend, NBC will air a 20-minute feature on Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long. Long, widely considered one of the top Paralympians in the world, was born in Russia before being adopted by American parents and growing up in a suburb of Baltimore, MD.

The NBC feature, titled Long Way Home: The Jessica Long Story, follows the 21-year-old double-amputee on a journey back to Russia to meet her birth parents. Long tracks her childhood back to an Irkutsk, Russia orphanage, and from there to Bratsk, a Siberian town where Long, originally named Tatiana Olegovna Kirillova, meets her Russian parents as well as her biological brothers and sisters.

NBC’s press release announcing the feature described it like this:

“It’s an adventure that takes her more than 7,000 miles from the world and family she grew up knowing.  From the States to Siberia, the journey is a test for her physically and mentally, but through it all Long poignantly takes us through the process of coming to grips with her Russian roots. In the end it leads her to a profound personally discovery, her two half’s have helped make her the whole individual that she is – Jessica Tatiana Long.”

You can watch one of the two short trailers for the feature at the top of this post (courtesy of NBC Olympics). The other is below:

Watch for the 12-time Paralympic gold medalist’s story on NBC this weekend. To learn more about Long, you can visit her website, JessicaLong.com.

NBC is also promoting the hashtag #WelcomeJessicaHome for those who wish to follow the story on Twitter or join in the conversation.

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A beautiful young woman, a beautiful story, and a wonderful expression of the miraculous in everyday lives. The reunion with her birth mother is especially poignant. In another world, giving her daughter up to an orphanage will be judged as ‘abandonment’. Yet with the benefit of the whole story, only by doing so, could Jessica have achieved all that she has achieved in her youth. One almost feels that at the moment she was left at the orphanage, the ‘heavenly hosts’ initiated a series of events that would create joy out of what would ordinarily have been misery. Her adoptive parents in Baltimore are truly a Godsend. Her story is illustrative of the life affirming power of Love. Her story… Read more »
Jeannie Parisi

Just watched the entire story and I was so moved by Jessica and her adoptive family and her biological family. What a wonderful young lady with a wonderful outlook and my hats off to Mr and Mrs Long, they gave her such inspiration and it has lead her where she is today

Jeannie Parisi


Totally remarkable story , brought tears to my eyes.

I am Russian, from Siberia… Brought a whole lot of emotions.. I know in reality HOW it is there. I can only imagine what the parents went through especially at this age. Even if they were older it is practically impossible to provide same quality & choices to kids like Jessica over there. I’m glad Jessica found strength to forgive them & give them a chance to see you live, which does not happen usually… I’m really glad the story has a happy ending! Bless you, both families! And a big thank you to you, Mr. and Mrs. Long! BTW, my name is Tatiana too 🙂

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