Michael Andrew Responds to National Media Attention about USRPT, 2014 Arena Grand Prix at Mesa

Michael Phelps and Coach Bob Bowman received questions about Michael Andrew and USRPT. Both were gracious responding about the rising star and the training method that has delivered him over 60 National Age Group Records.  Phelps was happy for Andrew’s success, but said he wanted to see him swim more, especially meters races. Bowman offered that USRPT was one part of how he and many other elite coaches train their swimmers…but “only” one part. Bowman added that he would be keeping an eye on Andrew’s development as well and wished him continued success.

Michael Andrew, typically covered by the swim media (with a few national outlets picking up his story as a human-interest piece), received questions about his success and USRPT (Ultra Short Race Pace Training) from everyone at the 2014 Arena Grand at Mesa. Andrew is clearly riding the Phelps wave in Mesa. Many national and international outlets learned about him at this competition.  In sum, the Phelps Effect works for everyone, especially Michael Andrew.  Both swimmers appeared to enjoy meeting each other in Mesa.

Andrew’s looking forward to his next USA Swimming Grand Prix competition in Charlotte, but said — off camera — that he’d be taking a break from training after a long run at the 13-14 NAG records. (Andrew recently turned 15.)  Andrew is hoping for fast 50 swims in Charlotte.

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6 years ago

I don’t think I realized how big MA was until seeing him stand next to Phelps.He is Huge!

Reply to  don
6 years ago

I had the same thought.

Justin Thompson
Reply to  ML
6 years ago

Another thing about that picture is there’s a good chance Phelps is in shoes and Andrew is not. He maybe a good 2-3 inches taller than Phelps who if he is 6’4″ is right at 6’4″ but i’m thinking he’s more like 6’3″

6 years ago

he defenetly is having fun ! and yes , Like DON said , he is HUGE !!!!

6 years ago

I think perspective and posture factor in strongly, here, but I can’t deny the kid is a giant.

6 years ago

Revolutionizing the sport? Dude needs a history lesson. His style of training has been around since the 70’s.

Reply to  Grassfarmer
6 years ago

When he said “revolutionize,” I don’t think he meant that they’re the first ones to ever try race pace training, but rather that they’re trying to drastically change the current trend of training in the sport.

It’s like the French Revolution. They weren’t the first people to overthrow a monarchy in favor of democracy, but they were shaking things up and changing the way the system worked. Whether or not someone tried it before isn’t relevant.

Hopefully the comparisons between the two end there, though, so that MA’s legacy ends up having significantly fewer beheadings.

Reply to  Grassfarmer
6 years ago

But never widely used. Some guy doing it isn’t revolutionary. Some guy encouraging and motivating other people to do it, where it becomes a trend? That is.

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