LiveWire Sport Owed “Six Figure Sum” By ISL, Considering Taking Legal Action

LiveWire Sport is considering taking legal action against the International Swimming League (ISL) for “failure to pay debts owed”.

The digital agency sent out a media release on Thursday claiming that it was contracted by the ISL for services last season, and after payments fell off last December, they are still owed a “six figure sum”.

The release says that the ISL acknowledged the debt and indicated their intention to repay the outstanding amount, but, with the league’s second season now in full swing, LiveWire is still owed a significant amount of money.

“In our nine-year history we have never been forced into considering such drastic measures and it would be incredibly disappointing to have to take these steps,” LiveWire Sport said in a statement. “ISL has launched Season 2 of the league but has yet to meet their obligations to LiveWire Sport for Season 1.

“It is unfortunate that things have got to this stage, but we have been left with no choice but to look at recovering the debts owed to us by ISL through our lawyers.”

An ISL spokesperson reportedly told BBC reporter Nick Hope that they were surprised by the release as they’re currently in “proactive and constructive discussions with LiveWire to structure a payment plan including compensation for the unfortunate delay”.

While the ISL spokesperson reportedly ended their statement saying that the league has “found solutions” with all of their partners, and that they’re “sure a solution will be found here as well”, LiveWire says they are working with another supplier from Season 1 who is in a similar situation.

“We have been in close contact with another supplier from Season 1 and we will continue to work with them,” they said. “We look forward to seeing ISL meeting all of their remaining obligations to LiveWire Sport and that other supplier from Season 1 without further delay.”

A similar accusation was made in June by LaPresse, claiming they were owed somewhere in the vicinity of 200,000 euros (approximately $233K USD), and another vendor from Season 1, Flying Fish Productions, also claimed that they hadn’t been paid for work done back in June.

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Swimmer A
1 year ago

That’s not a good look.

Swimmer B
Reply to  Swimmer A
1 year ago


1 year ago

That is what happens when you do business with Russia

German swimmer
Reply to  Taa
1 year ago

sorry to disappoint you, but ukraine is not russia

1 year ago

That’s the real jackpot

1 year ago

Hmmmm. Having been on both ends of the “finding solutions” stage of supplier payments, this is…not a great trend. And there are undoubtedly revenue issues this season compared to when they could sell tickets–Frog Kings merch will help I guess… If I were a 4th place finisher I might wait to spend my winnings.

I should note that I love the ISL and want it to thrive.

Mike S
Reply to  Daaaave
1 year ago

Exactly. “finding solutions” usually means settling with your vendors for less than they are actually owed. Lets hope the athletes get their money.

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