Josef Craig DQ’d At IPC European C’ships Due To Olympic Rings Tattoo

The IPC Swimming European Open Championships kicked off in Funchal, Portugal yesterday where over 450 athletes from 50 nations are participating in the meet’s 4th edition. Besides the record-breaking swimming taking place in the pool, another story also took shape yesterday regarding one swimmer who was not able to swim in his final.

After successfully qualifying through heats, British swimmer Josef Craig was due to compete in the S8 100m freestyle final yesterday evening. However, citing the IPC rule stating that ‘body advertisements are not allowed in any way whatsoever (this includes tattoos and symbols)’, Craig was disqualified from the event due to failing to cover up a part of his tattoo.

The graphic, which appears on his chest’s left side, features a lion with the Olympic Rings beneath it. The rings were the piece in specific violation of the meet’s rules, as they are ‘exclusive property of the International Olympic Committee.’ As such, they are a protected mark and cannot be used without the IOC’s prior consent.

19-year-old Craig, who suffers from cerebral palsy, was able to cover up the rings in time for his S8 400m freestyle final and can continue to compete at the meet provided his tattoo remains covered.

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Swimmer A
4 years ago

I guess we’re supposed to be mad at this. But I don’t have it in me. Don’t care.

Reply to  Swimmer A
4 years ago

I think its disgusting how they let josef craig swim
Then disquilify him after he won the race.
I do think he earned the right to claim that race he swam like a bulldog .
He is a athlete that has battled hard to go where he is today.
Either his coach or the ips is at fault here not josef craig.
I feel terrible for him what a shock,this type of thing should not happen.
Somebody needs to step up here and say sorry to him.Give me an opology face… Read more »

4 years ago

Wait does this happen at world champs too? Swimmers have to cover their Olympic ring there too?

Bo swims
Reply to  Uberfan
4 years ago

The size of any logo is the issue. Lesson for Olympians getting inked

Coach B
Reply to  Bo swims
4 years ago

size doesn’t matter (in this case). body tattoos used as advertisment are forbidden by FINA rule GR 6.2
in this case advertising is my opinion just a question of definiton.

Reply to  Coach B
4 years ago

Size always matters

Reply to  Coach B
4 years ago

Having the Olympic Rings is not advertising. There’s nothing to advertise because its just an event and athletes are not paid to get the tattoo by any Olympic Committee.

Lane Four
4 years ago

Since when is having the Olympic Rings advertisement? Ok, I could see it if you were so excited that upon purchasing your first Ford or iPhone you had the name of the product inked in big letters on your chest or back, but the Oly Rings? Come on! The athletes earned that right. They deserve this! Excuse me while I turn off the computer and shake my head in amazement at this lunacy.

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Retta Race

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