Japan Announces Roster For Junior Pan Pacs

Japan has announced their roster for the Junior Pan Pacific Championship, set to be held to be held in Maui, Hawaii August 24th-27th.

The large roster includes 19 men and 18 women. All swimmers named to the team must be born anywhere from 1998-2003, and must be a minimum of 13 years of age by December 31, 2016.

The roster includes the stroke each swimmer will be competing in at the championships. It is as follows:

Men (19): 

Freestyle (4):

  • Ishida Toraryu
  • Shoike Tatsuki
  • Yoshida Atsuya
  • Takahashi KoTeru

Backstroke (2):

  • Endo Hiiragito
  • Taiki Yanagawa

Breaststroke (4):

  • Hanaguruma Yu
  • Ippei Miyamoto
  • Taku Taniguchi
  • Fukasawa Yamato

Butterfly (4):

  • Inagaki Daichi
  • Horomura Hisashi
  • Iwata Mutsumisei
  • Yuya Sakamoto

Individual Medley (5):

  • Iai Ryosuke
  • Mizohatake Tatsuki
  • Takeuchi Tomoya
  • Shoya SatoshiTeru
  • Ono Rikuto

Women (18):

Freestyle (5):

  • Ouchi Shayuki
  • Karin Takemura
  • Natsumi Shibata
  • Chinatsu Sato
  • Aoi Nakamura

Backstroke (2):

  • Izumihara Nagisuna
  • Rio Shirai

Breaststroke (3):

  • Shiori Asaba
  • Sakie Saito
  • Elina Tsuda

Butterfly (5):

  • Yamakawa Tadatomoe
  • Iizuka SenHaruku
  • Misaki Goto
  • Nishimura Maia
  • Miyuki Hirata

Individual Medley (3):

  • Anna Sasaki
  • Miku Kojima
  • Muroki Mina

This is a much different looking team than they sent in 2014, when they had just 12 men but 21 women. At that meet Japan finished 2nd in the overall medal count behind only the United States, compiling 5 gold medals and 21 total medals.

The team two years ago featured some swimmers who are now developing into stars, including 100 fly specialist Rikako Ikee who could have a shot at a medal in Rio.

Find the full Japanese roster here.





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