IOC Receives 4 Official Bids for 2024 Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee has announced the receipt of 4 Candidature Files to host the 2024 Olympic Games. In what is typically a multi-step process, this is the first deadline on the route to hosting the Olympic Games where cities must officially opt in, or out, of hosting.

From the IOC’s press release:

The Candidature Process 2024 is the first to be launched following the adoption of Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC’s strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement. The new Candidature Process encourages the Cities to present Olympic projects that best match their sports, economic, social and environmental long-term planning needs. It calls for the use of existing facilities where possible, and provides flexibility for the venue concept to meet local sustainability and legacy needs and ambitions.

In its early notes, the IOC says that all 4 candidate cities have artfully met the new requirements upon hosting the Olympic Games with an eye toward avoiding the sort of economic disasters that still plagues, for example, Athens, Greece, the hosts of the 2004 Olympic Games.

“Los Angeles, Rome, Budapest and Paris are all submitting projects fully in line with Olympic Agenda 2020,” IOC President Thomas Bach said. “It is impressive to see how they have incorporated the Olympic project into the long-term development plans of their city, region and country. Coming from different starting points, for all four there is a clear focus on sustainable development, legacy and in particular how the facilities are going to be used after the Olympic Games. We are delighted to have four extremely strong candidatures and look forward to a fascinating competition.”

The new Candidature Process features a progressive submission of information to allow planning to develop organically and at an appropriate pace. The three stages each address different elements of the Cities’ proposals:

  • Stage 1: Vision, Games Concept and Strategy (delivered 17 February 2016)
  • Stage 2: Governance, Legal and Venue Funding (due 7 October 2016)
  • Stage 3: Games Delivery, Experience and Venue Legacy (due 3 Februrary 2017)

An IOC-appointed working group will now analyze each of the 4 candidate files and report to the IOC’s Executive Board in June 2016. In each stage of the 3 stage process, a city can be eliminated if the Executive Board does not feel that they’ve met the minimum standards.

The 3rd stage will involve a visit to each city by the IOC Evaluation Commission, which will issue a final report, and then IOC members will vote for the host of the 2024 Olympics among remaining candidates in September 2017 at the IOC Session in Lima, Peru.

A visual roadmap of the selection process is below.

IOC Candidature Process Road Map


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