IOC Board Finalizes Evaluation Criteria For New Sports At LA 2028

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board has finalized the criteria that will be used to evaluate new sports and their chances of being added to the program for the 2028 Summer Games in Los Angeles.

The evaluation criteria, which were finalized by the IOC Board in coordination with the LA 2028 organizers, align with the LA28 sports program principles, which were approved in April.

In addition to looking into the potential of adding new sports, the criteria will also be used to review each current sport and its disciplines.

The major components of the criteria include prioritizing a reduction in the cost and complexity of running each event, along with ensuring environmental sustainability and global appeal to the younger generation.

The criteria include the following:

  • Prioritizing a reduction in the cost and complexity of hosting the Games.
  • Engaging the best athletes and sports that put athlete health and safety first.
  • Recognizing global appeal to fans across the world, and host country interest.
  • Prioritizing gender equality and youth relevance to engage new fans and athletes.
  • Upholding integrity and fairness to support clean sports.
  • Supporting environmental sustainability to foster long-term sustainability.

At the IOC Session in February, the 28 Olympic sports on LA28’s initial program were revealed. Beyond the initial 28, the organizing committee has the opportunity to propose additional sports for inclusion in LA28.

At the 2024 Games in Paris, there will be 32 sports contested. In Tokyo, there were 33 sports.

Among the sports trying to get in as add-ons for LA 2028 include baseball and softball, which have both long histories in Southern California and have built-in venues with MLB stadiums available for hosting.

The final program will be announced by the IOC Board in 2023, while the decision on event quotas and competition formats won’t be released until after the Paris Games in 2024.

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Butterfly Hopes
1 month ago

Any chance 50s Stroke Events going to make it in 2028?

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