In Briefs: Ian Thorpe Earns Invite to Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

  2 Braden Keith | April 23rd, 2011 | Uncategorized

As several media outlets are reporting today, the British monarchy has finally announced the guest list for next week’s wedding between Prince William, future heir to the British throne after his father Charles takes his turn, and Kate Middleton. As a youth, Middleton was a competitive swimmer (and by most accounts a pretty good one), but she won’t be the only connection to our sport at the Royal Wedding that has dominated the headlines the past few weeks.

Aside from the standard attendees (members of the Royal family, heads of European monarchies, etc.) the celebrity-friendly couple have invited several prominent athletes, including 9-time Aussie Olympic medalist Ian Thorpe. He will be in good sporting company, as soccer player David Beckham is also on the confirmed guest list. Thorpe and Prince William met at a function last year.

The full, announced “Selected Guest List” can be seen by clicking here.


  1. aswimfan says:

    I saw Thorpe in the live telecast of the royal wedding. he looked very fit and much more like a supreme athlete, very different than how he looked just few months ago.

    Cant wait to watch his graceful, exquisite and yet seemingly effortless stroke again!

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