How to Make Horizontal Bubble Rings (VIDEO)

Vertical bubble rings are so last year. If you’re ready to take your bubble rings next-level, it’s time to learn how to blow your bubble rings horizontally, Squirtle style.

2016 World Champion and U.S. National Team member Michael Andrew posted a video on Instagram in April of him blowing bubble rings, and it blew up. Earlier this week, he followed-up with a series of pictures of him blowing horizontal bubble rings earlier this week on his Instagram account, asking who wanted to know how to blow them.

The answer, of course, was ‘everyone,’ (including 2017 Worlds 50 free silver medalist Bruno Fratus, who chimed in with a ‘sorcery’) so Andrew’s latest Vlog on his YouTube account walks you through his method for blowing horizontal bubble rings.

For those of you ready to roll your eyes through your fingers all over the comments section, the bubble lesson starts at 3:09. Before that, Andrew breaks down what he calls an “over speed” workout, that he says trains him for the 50 meter races. He starts with his standard warmup: after a few lengths to “to feel good,” Andrew does 10x25s to the 15 meter mark underwater, holding his race time (the hallmark of his USRPT training) on 15 seconds rest. Then he does a set of 12x50s: 6 freestyle, 3 breaststroke, 3 butterfly. In his youth, Andrew was a multi-time National Age Group Record breaker in backstroker, but fly, free, and breaststroke have become more his focus into his adult years (he turned 19 in April).

Check out the workout, and the horizontal bubbles, in the video below.

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Steve Nolan

My feathers got ruffled by the title of that YouTube video.


The lifeguard cracked me up

gary hall sr

Nice work, Michael! Very innovative. Your hands create a vortex (slip stream), similar to your body or feet, and the bubble gets a ride in the stream. The faster you move your hands/arms and the bigger you make the vortex, the further the bubble will travel.

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