How Olivia Smoliga Has Gained Confidence & Reduced Anxiety With Mental Training

Courtesy: Restoic, a SwimSwam partner.

Here’s Olympic gold medalist Olivia Smoliga’s secret weapon for swimmers looking to train their minds like they train their bodies.

Athletes work with coaches and trainers to prepare the body for competition, but where do they turn to train the mind?

It was this question that ultimately led founders Danny Cavic and Ian Gulbransen to creating Restoic – mental training for athletes.

Built as a resource they wished they had as student-athletes, their mission was simple: empower athletes to become the best version of themselves by establishing a holistic approach to mental health and performance.

Restoic’s training programs were developed in collaboration with leading sports psychologists and world-class athletes to focus on the five mental skills athletes need most:

  • Relaxation – Reduce performance anxiety, stress levels & muscle tension.
  • Self-Talk – Improve confidence & resiliency through reframing exercises.
  • Imagery – Enhance your sport-specific skills & improve self-belief.
  • Goal Setting – Increase productivity, motivation & promote self-mastery.
  • Concentration – Maintain focus & stay in the moment when it matters most.

Having been tested by champion swim teams and coaches, such as Teri McKeever, the positive feedback received has led to a major investment in software and technology.

“The mobile phone is at the center of our lives,” says Co-Founder Ian Gulbransen. And, “after learning that student-athletes were reporting mental health and wellness as their #1 challenge, it became clear we wouldn’t be able to solve this problem without creating an innovative tech-driven solution.”

“From developing content, to creating an app, we knew that the building process had to include athletes of all levels,” adds Co-Founder Danny Cavic. “My brother, Milorad Cavic, was instrumental in opening the door to the swimming community, which was a game changer for us as it ensured we would be receiving direct feedback during every phase of development.”

These introductions ultimately led to a connection being made with Olivia Smoliga amid the pandemic, in 2020.


As a 3-time NCAA Champion and Olympic gold medalist in 2016, she was interested in mental fitness and performance psychology, but Restoic’s approach to meditation is what caught her attention most.

Speaking with, Smoliga shared that she has a new sense of inner control and more power in the water. Adding that:

  • “I definitely feel like there’s this alter ego that comes out when I’m racing, even when I’m training.
  • “When it’s turned on, I feel like I’m in a trance and nothing else really exists. I’m able to push myself harder. I feel like I’ve really only been able to truly implement it in the past several months which is cool.”

You can view Smoliga discussing additional performance benefits with Yahoo! Sports here:


Even though Smoliga is an Olympic champion, the Restoic App is designed to help swimmers at all levels (13+) and is available on both iOS and Android. Featured Categories include: Sports Psychology, Meditation, Binaural Beats, Breathwork, Soundscapes, and Digital Coaching.

The Restoic App effectively bridges the gap between knowledge and action by answering the two most important questions for athletes:

  • WHY will these skills help my performance?
  • HOW do I execute them?

Smoliga, who’s now preparing for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, credits meditation for quieting her anxious thoughts and improving her confidence when it matters most. She was quoted in Thrive Global stating:

  • “When I changed the way I was talking to myself, I could feel my mood and presence shifting positively.”
  • “I was meditating with Restoic and developed a self awareness that allowed me to focus on what I knew I could achieve simply because I was telling myself I could.”
  • “It took about 3-4 months of practice, but I am always using it, every day.”

Whether you’re training, competing or recovering, Restoic’s science-based mental training will enable you to train like the pros.

Learn more and get started today by signing up using this special link along with the VIP code SWIMSWAM and experience for yourself the mental strength exercises that elite athletes like Olivia Smoliga use to maximize performance.



Restoic is mental training made simple. Trusted by elite swimmers, coaches, and teams to provide a holistic approach to mental health and performance.

Train your mind like the pros using game-tested, scientific solutions which include: The Restoic App, Digital Coaching, and Restoic for Teams.

Ready to experience peak performance in and out of the pool?

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