Former Canadian Swimmer Santo Condorelli Cleared To Compete For Italy

We reported back in June of this year that Olympic sprinter Santo Condorelli had officially begun the process of switching to Italian sporting citizenship, but we now know that this process is indeed complete.

Federazione Italiana Nuoto, the Italian Swimming Federation, has announced today, November 2nd that Condorelli is now eligible to compete for the Italian national team. He is expected to represent Aurelia Nuoto Unicusano and compete at the Mario Battistelli Trophy in Rome November 3rd and 4th and also the Nico Sapio Trophy the following week.

Though the 23-year-old formerly represented Canada internationally and was a member of the USA Swimming National Junior Team, Condorelli has Italian ancestry on his father Joseph’s side, as that side of the family is from Sicily. Condorelli finished 4th in the 100m freestyle at the 2016 Rio Olympics while representing Canada.

With the switch to Italy, Condorelli adds potential fire power to the Italian relay make-up, teaming up with mainstay sprinters like Luca Dotto, who became the first Italian man ever to break 48 in 2016. Condorelli’s best time of 47.88 is already faster than Dotto’s Italian Record of 47.96.

The former USC Trojan is now training under Claudio Rossetto, who also coaches national teamers Dotto and Ivano Vendrame.

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Brock the Breastsroker
2 years ago

So he’s been on the US nation junior team, Canadian National team, and now Italy’s national team? Not sure how I feel about that…

Reply to  Brock the Breastsroker
2 years ago

This is confusing

Coach John
Reply to  swimmerTX
2 years ago

what is confusing? his motives or each countries respective rules? several high level swimmers have switched nationality although Santo seems to be the highest profile 3rd-timer.

Arkady had a very public switch, the south african that switched to US (someone can chime in his name)

Swimmer Brent
Reply to  Coach John
2 years ago

Darian Townsend?

2 years ago

My bet is he tries for Russia next

2 years ago

Dotto, Condorelli, Ceccon, Miressi.., an intriguing 400 free relay for Tokyo2020.

Reply to  nuotofan
2 years ago

They are indeed a candidate for the gold or at least a medal

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