FINA Creates First Vice President Position, Appoints Husain Al Mussallam

The world’s aquatic governing body, FINA, has just announced the approval of six new proposals under review at the organization’s Extraordinary Congress held in Kazan, Russia before the start of the 2015 World Championships.  The new amendments can be read in full here, but there are a few controversial proposals that will no doubt draw further fire from some in the swimming community.

Earlier this morning, SwimSwam’s Loretta Race reported that FINA abolished age limits and approved changed the rule allowing third terms for the President, First Vice President and Honorary Treasurer.

In addition to those changes, they also approved the addition of the First Vice President position, and appointed Husain Al Mussallam of Kuwait as the First Vice President. Al Mussallam is from Kuwait and is the Director General of the Olympic Council of Asia.

Al Mussallam’s home country of Kuwait hasn’t had as much success in the pool, however. At the 2012 Olympics, they didn’t have anybody finish higher than 36th at the 2012 Olympics, and the athlete who placed 36th was trained in the United States. Additionally, 2012 was the first time Kuwait sent a female swimmer to represent their country at the Olympics.

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bobo gigi

That region of the world is really powerful at FINA. 😆
They obtain a lot of world championships and world cups.
They obtain high level positions in FINA.
But all of that is really deserved. We all know the great swimming tradition in all these countries like Kuwait, Qatar or United Arab Emirates. What they have brought in swimming history is immeasurable. So many champions. And stands never empty when they hold a meet.
Really deserved.

CT Swim Fan

It seems the 2 organizations, FINA and FIFA, are very corrupt.


how many women swim over there??? ( or getting out of the house alone)


Those countries are no more powerful than Coca-Cola who bought the Atlanta Games or NBC who bought every single Olympics and forced swimmers to swim to fit their scheduling.


Why does that region even want meets? I do not get it.

david berkoff

The middle eastern countries want the meets because its a status symbol in those countries and they have the 20-40 million bucks Cornel demands to just host those meets. That’s why the US has not hosted a world championships meets. USA swimming.cannot afford the price tag and US companies dont fork over tens of millions unless its golf or football.

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