Daiya Seto Takes First Splash Toward Tokyo With Official NTC Practice

With the state of emergency status having been lifted from Tokyo, Japan, site of the next Summer Olympic Games, more and more sporting facilities are slowly opening back up for both individual and team training. As we reported, this included both the National Training Center (JSS) and the Japan Institute of Sport Sciences which were closed by the Japan Sports Council (JSC) as of April 9th.

Heading to the NTC on day of its reopening, May 27th, was two-time 2019 world champion Daiya Seto. As we reported yesterday, Seto was among the aquatic athletes intending to train upon the facility’s reopening day, only to be denied entry.

Seto said, “I used the JISS pool (NTC) as a training base until an emergency was declared, so I hoped to use it as soon as possible. However, the answer by the people involved in the Water Federation was “no”. I haven’t been given permission to use the facility. I don’t know when it will happen.”

Things turned around quickly for the short course world record holder, however, as Seto was able to dive in today, June 1st. Per Asian media, Seto trained for an hour at the NTC, although coaches were unable to enter. That meant the 26-year-old’s newly-appointed coach, Ryuichiro Urawas unable to oversee Seto’s first non-backyard practice.

Seto said of his return to the NTC water after over 50 days, “It was a swimming pool that I used to swim in every day, so it was very easy to swim. We are starting our goals for next year.”

Daiya Seto, c/o Instagram

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Coach Mike 1952
3 months ago

Am so glad to see & hear of more & more facilities reopening for swimmers of all ages & skill levels worldwide. Hopefully the trend will continue safely. It is vital for all of us to get back in the water. I could just get back in yesterday for first time in 2.5 months, the longest drought of my life since age 16. Hoping all athletes can recover & become even better as a result of this adversity.

3 months ago

Seto was on an absolute tear heading into Tokyo 2020. I hope he can regain the same form for 2021. I don’t see why he can’t.

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