Daily Swim Coach Workout #97

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Workout Context

  • Purpose:  Base building
  • Target age group:  15-18 years old, 19-22 years old, 23+ years old
  • Target level:  Age Group (Advanced), National/ Collegiate Level, Elite International Level, Masters (Advanced), Senior Age Group/ High School State Level
  • Weeks until target meet:  5 weeks
  • Team Location:  United States
  • Course:  25 Yards
  • Shared workout link:  Click here to view this workout on commitswimming.com

The Workout

Warm up:
1 x 500 free, with reverse IM order drill every 5th lap

3 x 50 free on 0:50 DPS
2 x 50 free on 0:40 strong
1 x 50 free on 0:30 make it
2 x 50 free on 0:40 strong
3 x 50 free on 0:50 DPS

Main set:
3 x 100 free aerobic on 1:30 – hold fastest pace, keeping HR below 160 bpm
Extra 0:20
1 x 200 free going out at the established aerobic pace and then coming home fast on 3:00 – goal is go fast but with a n/s
1 x 100 double arm back easy on 3:00

4 x 100 ATHIM (around the horn IM) on 1:30 always swimming strong on the last lap
#1 = fly/fly/back/breast
#2 = free/free/fly/back
#3 = breast/breast/free/fly
#4 = back/back/breast/free

Main set:
1 x 200 IM/choice aerobic on 3:00
1 x 100 strong choice kick on 1:50
3 x 50 choice swim (same stroke as kick) at two pace on 1:00
1 x 75 choice fast but with each lap getting faster on 1:20
1 x 75 easy on 2:40

1 x 100 easy

Darian Townsend
Head Coach, YMCA Westside Silver Fins

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