CSCAA Releases Second Poll; Georgia Women, Arizona Men Hold #1 Spots

The 2nd edition of the 2011-2012 CSCAA Dual Meet polls have been released, and the top teams are no surprise. Remember that these polls (as compared to our power rankings) are designed to reflect who would win a dual meet right now, as compared to who will be at the top at the NCAA Championships. With the new format (each conference has one representative who gives a breakdown of what has happened, before each representative gets a vote), there have been some peculiar results.

I think that while the voters are still adjusting to the new polling process, they are sort of stuck in a limbo between voting for who is the better dual meet team right now, and who would win at the end of the year. It seems to me as though some teams are over-ranked on the basis of 2-or-3 swimmers who are having great seasons, even though that won’t win many dual meets.

Here’s a list of the voters:

SEC Men/Women: Richard Long, Auburn
ACC Men/Women: Chris DeSantis, Georgia Tech
Big 12 Women: Jim Henry, Texas
Big 12 Men: Andy Grevers, Missouri
Pac 12 Men: Geoff Hanson, Arizona
Pac 12 Women: Adirana Quirke, Washington State
Big 10 Women: Erica Janssen, Purdue
Big 10 Men: Bill Tramel, Minnesota
At Large: Mike Shelby, Ashland

Men’s Poll

The Arizona men swam extremely well at the Texas Hall of Fame Invitational and are well-deserving of the top-ranking in this poll, where they were voted unanimously into the top spot, with the Texas men (favorites for National Champions) placing #2. The Stanford men, whose freshman have been performing extremely well, come in at #3. Michigan is still seeing some residual effects from their earlier victory over #2 Texas in a tri-meet, and USC rounds out the top 5.

There are quite a few mid-majors in this top 20, including #17 UCSB (they have some very good sprint free relays, but seem to lack the depth to be worthy of that high of a placing), #19 UNLV, who swam very well in Austin, and #22 Princeton.

1. Arizona
2. Texas
3. Stanford
4. Michigan
5. Southern California
6. California Berkeley
7. Auburn
8. Ohio St
9. Georgia
10. Indiana
11. Louisville
12. Virginia
13. Florida
14. Missouri
15. Iowa
16. North Carolina
17. Santa Barbara
18. Louisiana State
19. Nevada- Las Vegas
20. Purdue
21. Tennessee
22. Princeton
23. Minnesota
23. Penn St
25. Florida St

Also receiving votes: Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Texas A&M

Women’s Poll

The women’s poll is pretty close to accurate at the top, with Georgia retaining the top spot after a strong performance at their home Invitational last weekend. The Texas women, who won their home Hall of Fame Invitational, come in at #4, followed by Arizona, who was also at that meet, touching #5. That’s interesting, considering that head-to-head in Austin, Arizona placed higher than the Longhorns in 4 of the 5 relays last weekend.

Stanford at #6, and Auburn is #7, which is pretty spot on given that both have had great swims, even if they’ve been overshadowed at some of their meets, this year. Indiana is at #8, Florida is #9 (though, if this poll represents right now, it’s hard to argue that the Gators would beat all of the teams ranked below them). Missouri comes in at #10, with Big 12 foe Texas A&M at #11, despite the Aggies handing Missouri a strong, 60-point victory at the teams’ head-to-head matchup in October.

New teams in the rankings include #16 Wisconsin and #20 Arkansas. SMU is the only non-major team to make the top 25 on the women’s side, with a huge jump to #13 on the strength of particularly strong swims from senior backstroker Therese Svendsen.

1 Georgia
2 California
3 Southern California
4 Texas
5 Arizona
6 Stanford
7 Auburn
8 Indiana
9 Florida
10 Missouri
11 Texas A&M
11 Virginia
13 Southern Methodist
14 Tennessee
15 North Carolina
16 Wisconsin
17 Ohio State
18 Purdue
19 Louisville
20 Arkansas
21 Louisiana State
22 Michigan
23 Minnesota
24 Arizona State
25 Maryland

Also Receiving Votes: Penn State, Notre Dame, Florida State

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Matty T.
11 years ago

Chris.. looking over all results within the ACC. How does FSU get voted ahead of Virginia Tech when VT beat them twice during the fall semester? (Once during a duel meet and once infront of your own eyes, GT invite). Were you even awake when voting or did you not do your home work before casting your votes? Seems like the ACC and the rest of the conferences need a voter that knows what he or she is doing.

11 years ago

How does Missouri rank ahead of A&M if they lost in a dual meet by 60 points? This poll makes the BCS math look credible. That meet was at a nuetral site if that makes a difference.

11 years ago

Lynn, Florida had a two-day dual with Stanford and Michigan, first day long course, second day short course. Day One, Florida beat Stanford 145-111, and on Day Two Florida beat Stanford 194-169 even after exhibitioning the last two events.

Chris DeSantis
11 years ago

If I could respond to Travis and Kentucky vs Missouri, that meet took place outside of the time parameters for this poll. The time parameters for results contained within this poll was 11/8 to 12/4. Kentucky swam Missouri on November 5th. We do this so that the poll correctly recognizes who is swimming well right now.

For those of you who would prefer an “NCAA Predictor” poll, we will be making one at the conclusion of conference championship season.

11 years ago

I was just advised that Florida beat Stanford last month at a meet in Michigan. Is that accurate?

11 years ago

I have been to several SEC meets this year and have noticed that the University of Florida has not utilized racing suits for a meets. Georgia also does not use the racing suits? Two of the best coaches are waiting until SEC championship.

Also, Cal is the best women squad and will not be beaten….PAC 12 is tough this year. Very Talented teams..

11 years ago

In regard to “there is only one meet at this level”, be careful what you wish for. If that is truly the case, then there is very little incentive for A.D.s to keep most swimming programs. How many different teams have been in the top-4 (Wood) over the past 20 years? Pretty small and impenetrable group…so if I listen to you and NCAAs is truly the only important meet, then I am cutting my swim team to put more money into my offensive coordinator’s salary since we have no chance of every winning a trophy at NCAAs and I might be able to get my football team to a better bowl game.

11 years ago

It would be interesting to see how the Cal and Georgia women would fare in a duel meet. The Cal women will probably win the big meet but the two teams competing unrested might be much closer. It’s also interesting how the CSCAA duel meet poll places Georgia so high up when they’d probably lose to USC in a duel meet.

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