Chinese National Championships Day Two

Chinese National Swimming Championships continue today in Huangshan. With much of the Chinese National Team absent from the meet the results have been less than spectacular.

Olympic Champion Ye Shiwen has been entered in the 50 freestyle, 100 breaststroke, 200 backstroke and 50 butterfly, “I need some adjustments after finishing my tour at the 12th National Games and the East Asian Games,” Ye told “My coach hopes to explore more potentials from me.”

Ye did take the gold in the 200 backstroke, but finished outside of the top three today in the 50 butterfly.

The only time posted in todays results was recorded by Fu Yuanhui who won the 50 backstroke in a time of 27.92. Fu currently has the world top ranked time having posted a 27.22 at the Chinese National Championships in April.

Day Two Results:

Men’s 200m freestyle:

1, Mao Feilian, Zhejiang, one minute 48.20seconds

2, Qian Zhiyong, Zhejiang, 1:48.46

3, He Tianqi, Zhejiang, 1:50.52

Women’s 200m individual medley:

1, He Yuzhe, Zhejiang, 2:14.73

2, Bi Yirong, Zhejiang, 2:16.30

3, Chen Jie, Hubei, 2:16.52

Men’s 50m butterfly:

1, Ning Zetao, Chinese Navy, 24.13 seconds

2, Deng Zeyang, Jiangsu, 24.63

3, Jin Yuli, Guizhou, 24.84

Women’s 50m backstroke:

1, Fu Yuanhui, Zhejiang, 27.92

2, Cheng Haihua, Beijing, 28.53

3, Wang Ruiqi, Liaoning, 28.62

Men’s 200m backstroke:

1, Xu Jiayu, Zhejiang, 1:57.78

2, Li Guangyuan, Zhejiang, 2:00.80

3, Shi Yi, Zhejiang, 2:01.21

Women’ s 50m butterfly:

1, Sun Mengyue, Chinese Navy, 26.93

2, Suo Ran, Chinese Navy, 27.31

3, Liu Lan, Guangzhou Army, 27.32

Women’s 4x200m freestyle:

1, Zhejiang, 8:05.13

2, Jiangsu, 8:08.35

3, Chinese Navy, 8:08.42


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