Bucknell’s Wyngowski Posts 4:23.00 400 IM At Bucknell Invite

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November 18th, 2017 College, NCAA Division I Mid-Major

2017 Bucknell Invitational

  • Friday, November 17 – Sunday, November 19, 2017
  • Bucknell University  – Kenney Natatorium
  • Lewisburg, PA
  • Short Course Yards
  • Results available on Meet Mobile

The action continued at the Bucknell Invitational with Day 2 prelims at the Kenney Natatorium this morning.

Women 400 IM

The Women’s 400 IM kicked off the morning with Bucknell freshman Maggie Wyngowski taking top seed with a time of 4:23.00. Emilie Petit, Old Dominion junior, dropped 11 seconds to swim a 4:25.77 for 2nd seed followed by Karlee Carminati, Towson freshman, who dropped over 8 seconds for 3rd seed with a 4:26.73. Others in the A final include:

  1. Phoebe Slaughter-Georgetown freshman, 4:28.66
  2. Nele Albers-Fordham senior, 4:31.24
  3. Kendall Krumenacker-Towson senior,4:31.41
  4. Katie Von Der Lippe-Fordham freshman, 4:31.70
  5. Lauren Henasey-Georgetown sophomore, 4:31.94

Men 400 IM

Old Dominion sophomore Nick Wukovits was the only swimmer in prelims to break 4 minutes and took top seed with a 3:58.92 after dropping almost 11 seconds. Teammate Anton Mikealsson, senior, is in 2nd seed at 4:00.80 and Colin Roddy, Towson senior, swam a 4:01.13 for 3rd seed. The remaining qualifiers for the A final are:

  1. Jack Lynch-Georgetown freshman, 4:02.47
  2. Ross Bernstein-Binghamton sophomore, 4:03.13
  3. Tinneny Graydon-Old Dominion freshman, 4:03.77
  4. Ben Johnston-Towson junior, 4:05.64
  5. Gustav Swedenborg-LaSalle freshman, 4:05.86

Women 100 Fly

Fordham sophomore Mia Bullock (54.46) held onto her lead through the race to take top seed followed by Bucknell junior Lindsay Smalec (55.37) and Georgetown junior Laine Morgan (55.72). Others in the A final this evening are:

  1. Lauren Henasey-Georgetown sophomore, 55.74
  2. Juliana Foss-Bucknell senior, 55.81
  3. Michelle Martin-Fordham freshman, 55.82
  4. Brooke Pettis-Binghamton junior, 56.41
  5. Emma Hadley-Bucknell sophomore, 56.50

Men 100 Fly

Jack Saunderson, Towson junior, easily took top seed by swimming a 47.67 this morning. Old Dominion sophomore Filip Svedberg (49.13) is in 2nd seed tonight and LaSalle senior Jakub Batosiewicz (49.52) is in 3rd seed. Rounding out the A final:

  1. Joe Mercurio-Fordham senior, 49.86
  2. Kevin Berry-Fordham sophomore, 50.83
  3. Justin Summers-Georgetown junior, 50.98
  4. Chadd Cummings-Bucknell junior, 51.03
  5. Jacob Lubinski-Bucknell freshman, 51.06

Women 200 Free

Bucknell freshman Emily Gorham is in top seed this evening with a 1:50.71. Teammate Abigail Rosenberg, junior is in 2nd seed (1:51.01) with Sarah Margaret Locke, Towson sophomore, in 3rd with a 1:51.40. The remaining qualifiers for the A final are:

  1. Caitlin McNary-Fordham freshman, 1:51.56
  2. Sofie Sjoberg-Old Dominion senior, 1:52.30
  3. Annemarie Schnoor-Towson sophomore, 1:52.34
  4. Katherine O’Shea-Bucknell sophomore, 1:53.08
  5. Lindsay Smalec-Bucknell junior, 1:53.27

Men 200 Free

Georgetown teammates Andrew Stange, freshman, and Jacob Kohlhoff, junior are 1st and 3rd seeds with times of 1:37.92 and 1:40.99, respectively. Aleksander Nikolic, LaSalle junior (1:40.72) is in 2nd seed. The A final also includes:

  1. Joe Vizza-Fordham sophomore, 1:41.34
  2. Kyle McElwee-LaSalle junior, 1:41.47
  3. Conner Davis-Old Dominion junior, 1:41.92
  4. Evan Brophy-Towson junior, 1:41.98
  5. Terry Johnson-Georgetown sophomore, 1:42.16

Women 100 Breast

Old Dominion junior Ashley Brem is in top seed with a time of 1:01.83 followed by Georgetown senior Molly Fitzpatrick who dropped over 3 seconds to take top seed with a 1:02.31. Towson sophomore Jacalyn Schoening is in 3rd seed with 1:03.47. Others in the A final are:

  1. Amanda Rosa-Towson junior, 1:04.09
  2. Leah Bloodgood-Bucknell senior, 1:04.10
  3. Maggie Wyngowski-Bucknell freshman, 1:05.18
  4. Carrie Horan-LaSalle sophomore, 1:05.42
  5. Libby O’Hare-Bucknell sophomore, 1:05.84

Men 100 Breast

Old Dominion teammates Peter Durisin, freshman, and Nick Wukovits, sophomore are 1st and 3rd seeds with times of 55.70 and 56.08, respectively. Ryan O’Leary, Towson sophomore, snuck between them to take 2nd seed with a 55. The A final also includes:

  1. Travis Monahan-Fordham junior, 56.84
  2. Marcus Forsgren-LaSalle sophomore, 57.19
  3. Chadd Cummings-Bucknell junior, 57.27
  4. Dimitri Mladenovic-LaSalle senior, 57.39
  5. Nate Goldfarb-Georgetown freshman, 57.63

Women 100 Back

The race for 1st and 2nd seeds was tight with LaSalle junior Olivia Distefano (55.85) just beating Towson senior Jacy Icard (55.87). Emma Hadley, Bucknell sophomore, rounds out the top 3 with a time of 55.96.

  1. Michelle Martin-Fordham freshman, 56.05
  2. Haley Sutton-Towson junior, 56.72
  3. Julie Byrne-Bucknell sophomore, 56.91
  4. Julianna Foss-Bucknell senior, 56.99
  5. Cambria Cloutier-Towson freshman, 57.07

Men 100 Back

The only 2 swimmers under 50 seconds this morning took 1st and 2nd seeds – LaSalle senior Fabian Bergman (49.04) and Georgetown freshman Drew Carbone (49.38). Anton Mikealsson, Old Dominion senior is in 3rd seed (50.29). The remaining qualifiers for the A final are:

  1. Auston Ramsey-Fordham freshman, 50.31
  2. Jack Saunderson, Towson junior, 50.43
  3. Owen Robinson-Towson sophomore, 50.98
  4. Isiah Magsino-Fordham junior, 51.06
  5. Henry Hollinshead-Georgetown sophomore, 51.27

Michelle Lombana has been a swim mom for over 17 years, serving on various boards of directors for club swimming, summer swim league, and high school swimming. She founded College Swimming Guide to help simplify the recruiting process for swimmers who want to swim in college.

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3 years ago

That’s not impressive in the slightest….

Reply to  Mauro
3 years ago

Golden rule: if you don’t have anythinf nice to say, donMt say anything at all. I’m sure this swimmer and her team are thrilled with her performance, SwimSwam covers a wide range of talent and meet depth, so to denounce this girl of her swim is just mean. Appreciate all levels of swimmibg please.

Reply to  Onehandtouch
3 years ago

Anything* cold hands sorry