Cao Yue

Cao Yue
Born Oct. 29, 1995 in Taiyuan, China Cao Yue is a freestyle specialist. Yue had previously focused on Open Water swimming, but in 2013 she opted to focus on the mid-distance events, and the transition paid off.

Transition from open water swimming 
Yue recently burst out onto the international swimming scene in 2013, when she dropped distances. After spending much of her career as an open water swimmer, she solidified her choice to focus on the pool when she adapted quickly in time for the the 2013 Chinese National Games in Shenyang. Yue won the 400m freestyle after a putting out a six-second drop, and she also posted China’s fastest 200m freestyle time swum in a textile suit in history.


In 2015 Yue has already qualified for the Chinese World Championship Team, which will be held in Kazan. She has set one of 2015’s top-10 fastest swims in the 400m freestyle worldwide.

Best Times

Course Event Time Date Meet
lcm 200 Free 1:56.25 09/04/13 2013 All Chinese Nationals
Shenyang, China
lcm 400 Free 4:03.11 09/04/13 2013 All Chinese Nationals
Shenyang, China