Bill Jewell Handed Three-Year Ban; No Evidence to Support Inappropriate Sexual Touching

In an email sent to the Golden West Swim Club and the Southern California Swimming LSC today, the two groups were informed that coach Bill Jewell has been suspended for three years.

“USA Swimming’s case against Mr. Jewell was based on a pattern of inappropriate behavior, including making sexually explicit comments toward athletes and other individuals affiliated with the club,” the email stated. “There was no allegation of or evidence to support inappropriate sexual touching.”

This ends at least one branch of a drawn-out and very complex saga where a former colleague of Jewell’s at the Golden West Swim Club, Dia Rianda, sued her former employer claiming that she was fired after reporting Jewell’s behavior to head coach Mark Schubert. That wrongful termination suit, which is a civil suit, has not yet been settled.

Among Jewell’s other prior roles in the sport include as the head coach of the FAST club in Fullerton, California when it was designated and funded as a USA Swimming Center of Excellence.

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7 years ago

Wow. What is defined as a sexually explicit comment? This could be open to quite some interpretation here.

Line Crosser
Reply to  Bobby
7 years ago

This should give you a pretty good idea. I don’t think the interpretation was too difficult a decision based on this.

Let's Make A Deal
7 years ago

The e-mail was also addressed to Mary Jo Swalley and Jeri Marshburn. These two should be banned for a couple of years as well. Southern California Swimming is full of people acting inappropriately. I would bet that Jewell was only given a three year ban in exchange for his silence.

Beware in California because USA Swimming just gave Southern California Swimming more ways to discriminate against individuals. How many people will be retaliated against due to a “sexually explicit comment”. Individuals better arm themselves with tape recorders because socal is full of dirtbag board members who lie and cheat and will go to extremes to get rid of people they do not like.

John Dussliere
Reply to  Let's Make A Deal
7 years ago

Above is the comment of an anonymous coward. After spending over 10 years volunteering as many as 30-40 hours per week for the Athletes of SCS on their Board of Directors, on their all star teams, representing them as a National Team Coach and Olympic Coach; I would like to see your list of the people you refer to and their offenses. Once anyone acted innappropriately to my knowledge, they were dealt with in the structure available to us. The work done in that office and on that board is athlete centered from start to finish and the only people not capable of remaining on that board are those that realized they could not push their personal agendas forward in… Read more »

Let's Make a Deal
Reply to  John Dussliere
7 years ago

Sorry if you felt the comment was aimed at you. Hope things are going good for you at USA Boxing in Colorado Springs. Does USA Boxing conduct background checks? Removing board members from positions they failed at and placing them in other board positions does not help anyone in Socal ESPECIALLY the athletes. Placing these people on the committees of USA Swimming does not help a majority of the athletes. it is a shame that Marshburn was named Safe Sport Chair. She didn’t do her job as General Chair. Why does she remain on the board – because of Salo? Socal only has one agenda which is not in the best interest of ALL athletes. The only people not capable… Read more »

7 years ago

let’s make a deal – I am failing to see where you are going with your comment. Your first paragraph implies that more people should be punished and that lots of coaches are acting inappropriately.

But then, you seem to imply that investigators would or do use accusations to serve their own nefarious motives. Which one is it? Are their rotten apples who need to be removed from the good ones, or is this not the case?

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