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October 01st, 2019 News, Training

Courtesy: Swim Smart, a Swim Swam partner. 

Here at Swim Smart, we want to share our tools with everyone we can… but we need your help (and we will pay you for it!). You can sign up to be a Swim Smart partner today for FREE and start earning commission while offering the newest, coolest and smartest swimming products on deck. Details below!

Who is this for?

  • Vendors/Shop Owners: All the rewards of offering new products. No investment in inventory or dealing with customer complaints or returns
  • Clubs: Fundraise for your team with equipment purchased by your swimmers/parents
  • Swim Lessons/Instructors: Offer tools that keep your kids improving long after the lesson is over
  • Bloggers/Reviewers: You work hard putting together videos and blog posts. Good work deserves good pay!

How this works

  • Register here:
  • Set up how you want to get paid (PayPal or Venmo)
  • Refer customers to our website through clickable banners and links provided or through coupon codes
  • Earn 10% commission on Swim Smart unique products!
  • Offer 10% coupon to your customers and keep earning an additional 5% commission

Why this works

  • Your influence + our products = better swimming
  • Also, you can fundraise while you help your team get better
  • Provide more product options for your customers/team without the hassle or risk of buying inventory
  • Orders, shipping, refunds, inventory, customer complaints/solutions… all through us with nothing for you to do!

Become a Swim Smart Partner Instructional Video

Old video… Here are some updates:

  • Swim Smart Affiliate = Swim Smart Partner
  • New products added will be included in your commission (such as the Push Paddle)
  • Coupon code is required since it can’t be added later. If you don’t want one, just put N/A
  • Only PayPal and Venmo as options for payout. No bank accounts

Available Products:

  • The Squeezline
  • Swimming Power Harness
  • Push Paddle
  • The Biology of Swimming
  • Download-ables
  •  More on the way!





Smart Side Newsletter:

Why Join the Smart Side Newsletter?

  • 10% off your first order to get you jump started
  • Subscriber only deals!
  • New product updates (we are always working on something new)
  • Educationals for athletes, coaches and parents

Swim Smart was founded by Karl Hamouche and Mike Peterson. We are coaches fixing swimming problems. Every product we create is to help our own kids improve and we hope they can help your swimmers too! At the core of everything we do, we just want swimmers to be more engaged in workout. That way, no matter what’s written on the board it will be a great set.

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