Bare Butts and Free Ice Cream – Talk About Embarrassing!

We have all been there  – that embarrassing moment in our swimming career. Not sure if it is “bare butt” worthy, but we can relate.

US National team members Cody Miller and Michael McBroom shared their embarrassing moments with USA Swimming.

Bare Butt at Trials

For Miller – a US team member in the breaststroke events – it happened at 2012 Olympic Trials. He was stretching and getting ready for his race. All of a sudden he felt a huge pop in his suit, and it had ripped all the way down.

He was standing by the press and media stand and he just heard everyones gasps. Miller said, “I showed my butt to like 50,000 people at Olympic Trials. It was the worst thing that could have happened to me. I made Yahoo news though, so that was kind of cool. but still super embarrassing.”

Free Ice Cream

On the other hand, for McBroom – a distance event national member- he got his first disqualification slip when he was a young swimmer. He said he got out of the water, they gave him the slip and he thought “I most have done something good, I got a slip for Dairy Queen.”

He also said once he thought he was going to Dairy Queen with a free “DQ” slip from an official he thought “it is going to be a good summer day.”

If only swimming could be as simple as free Dairy Queen when given a disqualification slip.

This video was courtesy of USA Swimming. Share your embarrassing stories below!


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Swim pop

My daughter recently DQ’d for not surfacing on her back start until after 15M, her first DQ in 6 years in the back (she’s 12). First words out of her mouth were “I guess we get to go to DQ!.” Her and her coach have worked on counting her underwater kicks and all is fine with her starts.

The DQ trip was a fun little trip, hadn’t been to one in years.

Stay Human

I was still pretty new to swimming when I made finals at my state HS meet; I had never shaved before and still thought it was unnecessary and too weird, but I compromised and told my coach that I would shave down if I made finals. I absolutely hated doing it and waited until the last possible moment, doing it in the showers directly off the starting end of the pool. Because I waited until the last minute, I did it in a rush. When I got up on the starting blocks I remembering hearing some people groaning and gasping and even laughing but I had no clue it was about me. But then when I bent down to start:… Read more »

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Caley Oquist

Caley Oquist grew up in a small town in Central Minnesota where she learned to swim at the age of four. She found her passion to write when her mother was diagnosed with cancer at the age of nine and has been writing ever since. Apart from her love for …

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