Bama Swimming visits the NCAA – Feature Video

Swimming video, a look back at 2014 NCAAs, is courtesy of the University of Alabama and sophomore Brett Walsh.

Under Coach Dennis Pursley and Jonty Skinner the University of Alabama has been making waves. The Alabama men’s team captured 12th place with 121.5 points at the 2014 NCAA Championships.  That’s 16 places higher than 2013 and the first top-20 finish since 2007. Under the expert leadership of Coach Pursley and Skinner you can expect them to continue to rise in the college rankings.

If you are a swimmer interested in learning and experiencing some of the best coaching in the world, checkout the 2014 Alabama Rising Tide Swim Camps.

University of Alabama Coaches & Swam Camp Staff

American Swimming Coaches Association Hall of Famer,  Olympic Coach, and USA Swiming National Team Director  Dennis Pursley.

Former World Record Holder, Hall of Fame Olympic Coach, and Olympic Training Center Resident Coach Jonty Skinner.

Olympian and Crimson Tide All-American Mike Davidson.

University of Alabama Assistant Coach David Pursley.

Unviversity of Alabama Assistant Coach Lisa Ebeling.

Alabama, Roll Tide Swim Camps

alabama_crimson_tideYour performance on race day will be determined by how effective you’ve been at helping your brain understand all facets of the performance. The strongest computer in the world is the human brain, and no different from the machine counterpart, it can be extremely ineffective if it’s programmed incorrectly. Recognizing that you’re essentially training the brain to manage your goals, then what you do in day to day training is critical to achieving those goals. This camp is all about teaching young athletes how the brain does this, how it takes information on board, and how to make sure that what you do correctly is imprinted in a way that helps you reproduce perfect skills without having to think about them. It will involve critical thinking, and exploring new ways to achieve new skills. Learning how to swim and train this way is the next paradigm in swimming and is the future of all sport.

We have the space and time to accomodate athletes of all levels.  We cover every stroke discipline and all skills needed to compete at a higher level.  Day campers must be at least 9 years of age and over night campers must be at least 10.  All campers are expected to be able to complete one length of the pool legally in all four stroke disciplines.  ***This is not a learn-to-swim program, but it is open to any and all willing to participate.

Alabama, Roll Tide Swim CampsCamp Registration

June 1st – 6th

June 8th – 13th

June 15th – 20th

June 22nd – 27th


$700 FOR OVERNIGHT CAMPERAlabama, Roll Tide Swim Camps


Camp Overview

Alabama Rising Tide Swim Camps delivers everything you need and more to help you achieve your fullest potential as a swimmer;  underwater filming, stroke video analysis, classroom sessions, mental preparation, start and turn work, development in all 4 strokes, team & character building, motivational speaking, underwater skill development, training and conditioning, world class instruction and race day preparation.

“Denny (Coach Pursley) taught me the relationship between work and reward.”  Glenn Mills, co-founder of, U.S. Olympian. 


Alabama, Roll Tide Swim Camps

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7 years ago

Roll Tide. I think there will be a large contingent of U.S. and International Bama Swim Team Members who will be staying on to practice and compete over Summer – they should be on hand for these camps.

Eric Mcilquham
7 years ago

As a D-1 swim coach for over 10 years I’ve seen that kind of elitist separatist mindset that foreigners often bring onto a team. That kind of thinking always causes a huge rift in team chemistry. Whether they’re international or home grown in the US, they all compete for the same team. So why does it have to be about nationalities?
On a side note, in all my years as a coach I’ve never seen a 5 star recruit’s talent materialize to scoring only one point at a conference championship.

Ryan Hinson
7 years ago

not to mention Auburn’s was all inclusive. Twice the driving time though