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How To Coach While Considering the Changing Athlete Mentality

The increasing discussions regarding the “change of the athlete mentality,” has resulted in many coaches feeling overwhelmed with what to do, who to talk to, and what to implement to advance their athlete’s abilities and talents.

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Explaining the Chaotic Open Water Finishes at the 2016 Olympic Games

RIO 2016 OLYMPIC OPEN WATER SWIMMING August 15th-16th, 2016 9AM Local Time (8AM U.S. East Coast Time) 10Km Race Fort…


Mental Health Awareness Month: 5 Ways to Put Your Wellbeing First

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  We all fall on a continuum of wellbeing and can benefit…

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How To Handle Conversations When A Friend Opens Up About Mental Health

Research shows that those struggling with a mental health concern are more likely to come to peers and friends before seeking professional help.


Taking Control Of Your Mental Health & Understanding Your Triggers

Reacting to our triggers is normal, but if we don’t recognize them and respond to them appropriately, they may actually cause a downward spiral, making us feel worse and worse.


Facts & Figures about Mental Health: A Call to Continue to Change the Culture

Half of all serious adult psychiatric illnesses – including major depression, anxiety disorders, and substance abuse – start by 14 years of age. Three-fourths of them are present by 25 years of age.


Mental Health Awareness: Athlete Identity and Career Retirement

We’ve had some fun over the past few weeks with stories about how to transition from being a swimmer to a…